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Time is probably our generation’s most valuable asset– spare time, holiday time, time spent with family and friends, but also time to initiate new projects. And just think how often you say: “Sorry, but I don´t have time for that.” Just imagine what you might be able to do if you had more time, not only in your private life, but also at work.

“Traditionally the testing and sizing phases of projects are the least predictable, but with vShape we know exactly how long it will take. Not only can we manage more contracts but we are also able to deploy even complex installations quickly. In some cases, it has taken us longer to unwrap the equipment than it has to get it up and running.” Jason Fitzgerald, Managing Director at Fujitsu channel partner AAG (Fujitsu SELECT Channel Partner)

With the new version of the PRIMEFLEX vShape virtualization and private cloud reference architecture, you have both an all-in-one solution that enables much faster deployments and a solution that is easy to operate and so saves you time. And even better, this solution is now 20 percent more powerful thanks to the inclusion of the latest PRIMERGY M2 servers that are designed to process workloads quickly while maintaining low energy consumption. So it is now much easier to overcome performance hurdles and to successfully handle peak loads! In addition it can also save you money!

sportler running and jumpingPeter Bradbury, Director of Finance, at UK-based Ashgate Hospice Care commented: “As a non-profit organization, we needed to find a solid IT base that would allow us to stop firefighting day-to-day IT issues, so we could focus on overhauling our online fundraising efforts. We deployed PRIMEFLEX vShape to upgrade our existing, ageing and very siloed infrastructure, and to extend it to deliver virtualization. The effects were almost instant. As a result, we were able to see an immediate increase in funds raised estimated to be an additional £60,000 in the first year. The migration took just a single weekend and caused no downtime.”

PRIMEFLEX vShape represents an out-of-the-box integrated system for the data center and comprises industry-standard networking, storage and server components, optimized to handle virtual workloads. It is vShape’s flexibility that enables enterprises to rapidly deploy solutions that exactly meet their immediate requirements, regardless of how far they are on the road to virtualization, and easily scale to handle future demand. The integrated system is available in validated bundles of multiple different sizes, starting with just 25 virtual machines to address the needs of SMBs, up to configurations with 2,400 virtual machines, designed for large enterprises. This approach delivers ‘standardized customization’ where each customer can quickly deploy the right combination of features or outcomes with the peace of mind that all elements will work together.

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Depending on a customer’s business requirements, the functionality delivered by vShape can be further tailored, for example by adding more disks or shelves to increase storage capacity, by including disaster recovery, or by incorporating backup to an ETERNUS CS200c appliance. Customers can also choose between VMware or Microsoft virtualization software and can select whether to implement either VMware Horizon View or Citrix XenDesktop for their virtual desktop infrastructure. Furthermore, the integrated system can be used to deliver not just virtualization, but also private cloud deployments. For the latter, customers simply need to deploy validated VMware vRealize cloud management software. PRIMEFLEX vShape also offers a highly-competitive alternative for organizations where all-in-one, hyper-converged storage is not the right fit.

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