SPARC/Solaris Thriving with New Fujitsu System

SPARC/Solaris Thriving with New Fujitsu System

The latest Fujitsu UNIX server, Fujitsu SPARC M12, was launched in April 2017 and has already been adopted by many organizations. In this article, I am speaking with Carl Hill, North American Business Development Manager at Fujitsu, to discuss the appeal of th...

Fujitsu’s innovative Vapor Liquid Loop Cooling (VLLC) system

CPUs Get Cooler Courtesy of Fujitsu: Tiny bubbles take away the heat

The CPU is the hottest part of any computer, and they’re getting hotter with each succeeding generation. Why is this the case? An easy way to think of a CPU is as a huge set of interconnected roads, each carrying electrons to their appointed destination whe...