Open the door to your cloud backup with ETERNUS CS200c!

Open the door to your cloud backup with ETERNUS CS200c!

According to the RightScale 2017 State of the Cloud Report, enterprises are increasingly embracing the cloud. In fact, 85 percent now have a multi-cloud strategy – and the number of businesses planning for multiple public clouds is also growing.

These upwards trends can be attributed to the faster access to infrastructure, greater scalability, higher availability and faster time-to-market that the cloud can provide. Also, as businesses continue to create and rely on ever-growing quantities of data, these benefits are likely to continue to increase in importance. However, increased data is also associated with greater complexity as organizations have to scale the infrastructure they need to support it.

Virtualization is one tool they have at their disposal to manage this data – and it delivers a scalable flexible environment for doing so. But coordinating a host of virtual servers, storage systems and applications across private and public clouds in complex hybrid environments can be challenging. Also, given the extent to which businesses rely on their data, having it secured with an effective data protection plan is key.

There are many different aspects to take into consideration in ensuring that data is secure. Businesses need to coordinate and manage data across files, applications, databases, hypervisors and multiple clouds and on-premises equipment. These elements all need to meet security, compliance and data backup requirements, and software needs to be kept up to date.

This complexity means that trying to manage these disparate data sources with individual point solutions won’t cut it. What’s needed is a single, comprehensive data management platform that allows business to manage policies, data protection and compliance while providing the control, flexibility and automation needed to streamline IT efforts.

Enter the Fujitsu ETERNUS CS200c – an all-in-one backup appliance – designed to be a gateway for effective cloud management. This simplifies the coordination of even complex virtual environments to ensure that businesses are not missing out on the very real benefits they offer. The ETERNUS comes equipped with integrated Commvault software which is cloud agnostic – allowing customers to easily manage public, private or hybrid cloud environments.

Cloud backup with ETERNUS CS200c!

The software provides native support for clouds that communicate via a RESTful interface. This includes more than forty cloud storage platforms, among them Microsoft Azure, Amazon, OpenStack and VMware clouds. Thanks to the powerful Commvault software, it takes just a few clicks to set up a new cloud. Users simply need to login to Commvault software GUI, then select and log into their cloud provider. That’s all it takes to attach the ETERNUS CS200c appliance to a new cloud.

Once connected, users can easily backup or move data from the ETERNUS CS200c directly to one or more clouds – an easy and hassle-free way to manage data protection for even complex virtualized or hybrid cloud environments.

Watch the video: ‘In thirty seconds to the cloud – with the integrated appliance FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CS200c’ for a screen demo of how to backup data from the integrated backup appliance FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CS200c to private, hybrid or public clouds.

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