• Designing a safer, more secure Internet

    Given a totally clean slate, how would you design a new Internet that was more efficient and secure? Martin Holzworth, Fujitsu's Head of Cyber Security, shares the three key elements that might make the Internet a safer place for everyone.

  • Is your cybersecurity culture failing you?

    Many organisations continue to face significant and increasing risk from cyberattacks. Martin Holzworth, Head of Cyber Security, Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand, identifies six key areas of weakness in a cybersecurity culture and how we can overcome this to build a cybersmart culture.

  • Three ways to firm up cybersecurity for the future

    With the shift to new ways of working in 2020, this has created additional headaches for cybersecurity teams who are looking to protect data and networks. It is important for organisations to learn from the mistakes and successes of lockdown to improve their cybersecurity posture for the future.

  • What makes a stand-out security leader?

    Earlier this year, Fujitsu was named as a market leader in three cyber security categories by the latest ISG Provider Lens report. Martin Holzworth, Head of Cyber Security, reflects on this win and on what it was that led Fujitsu to receive this recognition.

  • Nine imperatives for cyber-security resilience during the pandemic

    The unfolding COVID-19 pandemic presents organisations and their technology teams with many new challenges as they strive to maintain the continuity of core business functions – while supporting many new ways of working.

  • Securing the future of our data and technology

    The rise of multi-cloud is creating a whole host of security challenges. Security teams need policies that will leave workers with the benefits of the cloud while keeping their data and business safe.