Partnering with Young Enterprise to Boost an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Main visual : Partnering with Young Enterprise to Boost an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Young Enterprise is a charity with a vision to inspire students and unleash leaders with the ultimate goal of raising the prosperity of New Zealand. For many years, Fujitsu has been providing pro bono services and support to Young Enterprise in a community partnership built on purposeful social impact.

Recently, Fujitsu successfully replaced Young Enterprise’s outdated legacy databases with a new CRM platform, then integrated it with the organisation’s new online portal, enabling information access on the move.

We have tens of thousands of stakeholders across the country including hundreds of teachers, donors and sponsors, and thousands of students and alumni. However, we need a personal touch with each of them. There is no way to manage it without a robust, flexible CRM platform in place.

Terry Shubkin, CEO, Young Enterprise

Fujitsu managed the integration of Young Enterprise’s new website and CRM to enable automated enrolment, membership and registration for events. The organisation also uses CRM to help manage stakeholder communication, service requests, feedback, sponsorship contracts, donations, events and courses.

Every communication is targeted at stakeholder groups and individual constituents. This means more effective, personalised communications, which in turn leads to higher donations, providing more funds for students.

Fujitsu provided a platform which has enabled us to move to a more customer-centric approach to working with schools, allowing us to grow and provide better services.

Terry Shubkin, CEO, Young Enterprise

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