FUJITSU collaborates with EYEFI to bring smart drains and smart waste to smarter cities

Main visual : FUJITSU collaborates with EYEFI to bring smart drains and smart waste to smarter cities

Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand is working with EYEfi to tackle the ongoing issue of flooded drains and overflowing waste bins on suburban streets and roadways. Using sensors, cloud technology and early detection software, the low-cost IoT solution offers smart monitoring and collection systems for smarter cities.

Smart Drains

There are millions of stormwater pits and drains across the Australian road network that are subject to flooding, causing major damage to property and driving conditions. EYEfi’s smart sensors, coupled with EYEfi Cloud’s smart drain capability, alerts maintenance crews upon rising water in stormwater pits. This helps them identify the location of blockages, enabling a quick targeted response to address the problem before flooding and complications occur. 

Simon Langdon, EYEfi CEO explains that many stormwater pits, especially those in flood prone areas, currently need routine inspection in the field by maintenance crews.

“Asset managers can now have the information they need in just a click, and as often as needed. This is a proactive approach that drives down costs, makes better use of human resources and further reduces the risk of flooding. We have built a highly scalable and robust industrial IoT solution and we are excited by the opportunity to work with Fujitsu, who will be taking our products into their Government and large corporate clients.”

Simon Langdon, CEO, EYEfi technologies

Sundar Viswanathan, Head of Portfolio, Workforce & Workspace Services, Fujitsu Oceania says, “Delivering on our commitment to building a sustainable future through smart communities, we’ve partnered with EYEfi to develop innovative smart drain and smart waste solutions that will now become part of our Emerging Technologies business and offered to all of our customers in Australia and New Zealand.”

Smart Waste

Overflowing public space waste bins are also a major problem for local government, waste management companies and the broader public. EYEfi’s smart sensors and EYEfi Cloud’s smart waste capability enables automatic monitoring of bins, and provides collection crews with timely details of when they are approaching full, along with optimal route planning. This ensures waste assets are in their best locations, with the most efficient servicing and no more overflowing bins.

Clare Burden, VP of Portfolio and Alliances at Fujitsu explains the benefits of the partnership to the Australian technology industry.

“IoT is transforming everything from business to life. EYEfi’s technology make imagination boundless, opportunities finite, and offers nothing short of human centric innovation. The new offering will enable Fujitsu to continue to create an environment to support innovation on a proven IoT platform, powering digital transformation. We see the great value this partnership will bring to the IoT industry in Australia by closing the gap in its IoT ecosystem, and Fujitsu will continue to collaborate with startups, academia and government to drive local solutions.”

Clare Burden, VP of Portfolio and Alliances, Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand

For more information on the Fujitsu’s Smart Drains and Smart Waste offering, visit our website here.