What makes a stand-out security leader?

Main visual : What makes a stand-out security leader?

2020 has been a very strange and challenging year for so many of us. Yet, amid all the negative news, there have been moments of great optimism and innovation – stories of companies that have thrived in the uncertainty, successfully pivoted their offering, or reinvented their approach to everyday work and how they are helping their customers do so too.

A very positive moment occurred for me and my team here at Fujitsu back in August, when we were named as a market leader in three categories by the latest ISG Provider Lens report. ISG’s quadrant report compares the strengths, challenges and competitive differentiators of various technology providers. It’s based on research from the ISG provider Lens™ program, which includes ongoing research programs, interviews with advisors, specialty briefings and analysis of publicly available market information from a range of sources.

It’s an esteemed report and, needless to say, we were thrilled to be given the title of market leader in three key categories: managed security services, strategic security services, and technical services. And right now, when security is such a critical concern for our customers and businesses all over Australia and New Zealand, this recognition is particularly meaningful.

So, what exactly led to us being recognised in this way, and what could this mean for your business? Here are a few of my thoughts:

Managed security services

The way people work and collaborate has changed. In the current climate, businesses are expected to be available and responsive around the clock. Cybercriminals don’t work business hours, and as such, security provisions need to be constantly applied, and revised in accordance with the ever-changing threat landscape. Given this, an increasing number of businesses are looking to outsource their security to a trusted, experienced and reputable provider.

There are many niche security companies out there, which is great. But to understand cyber security, you need a deep understanding of business, risk and technology. At Fujitsu, we have been in IT since the 1970s and have a pretty good grasp on technology. Because of this deep understanding, we have a very practical approach to cyber which we are confident resonates with our customers.

It’s no longer enough for a security provider to simply offer their customers a managed Security Operations Centre (SOC). In the current climate – where risks abound - a SOC needs to offer the absolute highest levels of protection. This is why our Oceania defence-grade SOC, which can handle data that’s classified as ‘secret’, is such a core differentiator.

Today, in order to meet data sovereignty requirements, many customers are also looking for a SOC that’s located in their own country. Again, at Fujitsu we meet this requirement – by offering SOCs in a range of locations, including in Australia, India, Poland, Russia, the UK and more.

Of course, one of the most important aspects about managed security is the team of people that provide it. We offer a team of highly skilled security experts, all with the required levels of security clearance. Providing quality service has always been our top priority. For instance, as Fujitsu Oceania’s Head of Security, I will often speak with clients over the phone - sharing insights from my own experience of being a CISO, and offer them help “off the clock”. As a result, many of our clients talk about us being an intrinsic part of their business.

So what does all of this mean for you as a customer? It means that when you choose Fujitsu to provide managed security services, you really do get better peace of mind. You can be confident that your security is managed on-shore, by a highly experienced and knowledgeable team, and have access to a defence-grade SOC. Plus, we have the know-how and skills to help you at every stage of your security journey – whether you’re just starting out, or already have managed security services in place.

Strategic security services

It’s no secret or surprise that today’s IT teams are under enormous pressure. Technology is evolving at a rapid rate – as is the cybersecurity threat landscape – and it’s not uncommon for IT professionals to be focused on day-to-day issues, rather than taking a more strategic, risk-led approach to their security.

When faced with a mounting workload and a shrinking budget, knowing what to prioritise and fix first can be a major challenge. And ongoing financial pressure to deliver more with less often gives rise to a risk reduction approach. As a CISO, we understand that every day is a new day in cyber security, and that there are often competing priorities. The modern CISO often has to deliver more with less - like having five pots on the stove but only three lids.

In this context, we find many businesses are looking for a trusted advisor that is independent, but also has ‘runs on the board’ when it comes to delivering grass-roots security transformation. This is where we really stand out. We offer strong technical capability, backed by security engineers and analysts. We focus on doing the basics brilliantly, as that is where you get the majority of cyber risk controlled. We’re also an established brand in the market, having been here since 1973. Plus, we have on-the-ground Security Managers who work closely with our customers when it comes to the delivery of cyber services.

All of this means that when you choose us to provide your security services, you can have confidence in the fact we’ve been providing quality technology advice to some of the world’s leading businesses for close to sixty years. We’re also committed to giving the gift of time to your IT team – helping them make the right strategic decisions and investments to drive greater efficiency and control in the area of security.

Technical security services

Of course, knowing what to do when it comes to security is one thing – but it’s not until the right security systems and processes are embedded into the actual fabric of the organisation that true transformation can take place. It’s why we find businesses are seeking security professionals that have local and global reach and can offer proven experience in implementing a diverse range of security solutions. As security products evolve in terms of complexity, it’s also important that providers can offer certification and ongoing training for their staff regarding the products and solutions they are implementing.

Here at Fujitsu, we offer a team of experts with technical expertise in the vast majority of third-party vendor products – particularly in the areas of end-point security, web, network, cloud access security brokerage, security information and event management. We also have both on-shore and off-shore teams that can configure, install and run the solutions which will de-risk the implementation for our clients.

This means that whether you’re an experienced CISO, or just starting out on your security journey, we can help you understand the technology options available, and provide all-important clarity regarding those which are right for you.

Security guidance, skills and services you can count on

In today’s world, security is complex and ever-changing, and the consequences of a security breach can be dire. Security, when done well, functions like the brakes on a car – enabling you to drive at speed, with confidence. In the digital economy of 2020, trust is incredibly important. One way to build trust with consumers is to protect their information from unauthorised access. Once trust is lost, it can be extremely hard to get back. And when it comes to protecting your business, there’s no room for error. This is where our team can help – offering a wealth of experience, an on-shore SOC with defence-grade security, know-how, and a deep commitment to understanding your business and what matters most.

If you would like to learn more about Fujitsu and our approach to security, get in touch with the team today!