#ALD20 Celebrating Women in STEM at Fujitsu

Main visual : #ALD20 Celebrating Women in STEM at Fujitsu

At Fujitsu, we acknowledge Ada Lovelace Day by sharing some of the stories of our amazing Women in STEM. This year we not only celebrate the achievements of women in STEM but also women who go above and beyond to encourage and support girls and women in STEM.

Hear from our inspirational Women in STEM as they share insights on their journey through the IT industry.

Nicole Fuller_Fujitsu_AdaLovelace

Nicole Fuller

Working at Fujitsu since: March 2013
Starting Role: Service Desk Analyst
Current Role: VIP Team Leader
Line of Business: Infrastructure Services

What has been your biggest accomplishment throughout your STEM career?

My current role as Team Leader. VIP is a crazy role and can be full on but I love it!

What advice would you give to your younger self?

That there is no such thing as a mistake. It’s an opportunity to grow yourself and learn how to do something differently or approach it in a way you never would have thought. Just believe in yourself!

What advice would you give to other women looking into a STEM career?

Go for it! It’s such an amazing opportunity and it opens the door to a world that is worth diving into. Be confident and strong.

Betty Tsang_Fujitsu_AdaLovelace

Betty Tsang

Working at Fujitsu since: 2007
Starting Role: Contractor Developer
Current Role: Practice Leader - Defence Logistics
Line of Business: Data and Applications

What value do support networks bring to establishing your career?

There are various networks that I rely on – family, friends, colleagues and my managers. These people push, pull and lift me in various ways at different points in my life; they make me who I am. They are all invaluable in helping keep me grounded and stay in the right head space.

How do you support and celebrate women in the business?

I come back to the values I was brought up with – to treat others the way I would want to be treated. Another value is Respect: respect for the skills they bring on board, and respect for their approach to getting the job done.

One thing I like to do is to request their opinion specifically on things that I plan to do as I think out loud; I am often richly rewarded by their perspective and end up adjusting my actions accordingly.
I hope to be as much part of their support network as much as they are part of mine.

Patricia C_Fujitsu_AdaLovelace

Patricia Castillo

Working at Fujitsu since: September 2006
Starting Role: Field Services - Customer Service Representative
Current Role: Data Centre QA & Process Director
Line of Business: Infrastructure Services

Which Women in STEM inspire you and why?

All women in STEM inspire me. It’s not always the easiest path and can take some grit to make an impact in your chosen field.

Jane Goodall is a fantastic example of someone who used her passion and sheer drive to excel. From starting out in the field in the 1960’s she has had to continually reinvent the way she conducts her work and delivers her message to ensure it stays relevant 6 decades later! Jane Goodall’s unrelenting determination is a reminder to keep studying, working with peers, and building each other up to accomplish what may at the beginning seem impossible.

I also love seeing the impact programs and organisations like The Young Indigenous Women’s STEM Academy and The Tech Girls Movement are having in providing direct support to the up and coming female STEM leaders of our future.

What value do support networks bring to establishing your career?

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of some fantastic mentors both professionally and personally, many of which have been men in STEM that turned out to be some of my biggest supporters.

Get involved in as many groups as possible, some will be a bit of a miss but don’t let that put you off joining the next one. You will find people throughout your career that will be a source of support and inspiration, keep them close.

How do you support and celebrate women in the business?

Women tend to be more apprehensive in publicly acknowledging their own achievements, I am still working on this myself. Being able to celebrate and support my female peers through platforms like social media is a simple and immediate way to build each other up and have our voices heard.

What has been your biggest accomplishment throughout your STEM career?

Holding my current role as QA & Process Director for Fujitsu’s Australian Data Centres. Tech already has over representation of males, but I feel this is exaggerated even more so in the Data Centre industry.

Being in a position to influence the direction of data centres by having the respect of my peers in Fujitsu and in the industry is humbling and is a true representation of the shift in acknowledging the input and expertise that can be provided by women in our industry.


Kaylene Harris

Working at Fujitsu since: September 2019
Starting Role: Program Manager
Current Position: Program Manager
Line of Business: Project Delivery

What value do support networks bring to establishing your career?

I have used my support Network (both men and women) to identify new career opportunities, to further develop my network, both inside and outside my organisation.

How do you support and celebrate women in the business?

I’ve found that women do not promote themselves well when looking for new opportunities. I believe it is important to prepare well and work with a mentor. I’ve both supported many women into new careers or promotions as well as mentoring and supporting.

Nimah Reilly_Fujitsu_AdaLovelace
Niamh Reily 

Working at Fujitsu since: February 2019
Starting Role: Graduate, Customer Service
Current Role: Associate Service Delivery Manager
Line of Business: Customer Service Management

How did you start your IT career?

I started out as a graduate last year in Cloud Services and have made the transition through to CSM in the past couple months. Building and developing relationships and support networks is key at any stage of your career.

What has been the most valuable asset in our career so far?

I have been fortunate enough to work on different projects, with different people around the business and this has lead me to having connections in most areas of my day to day work. Support networks are invaluable when establishing your career – for me this has meant making the move to CSM, where the relationships I have built have encouraged me to enter a new area of the business.

Thank you to Fujitsu's women in STEM for sharing their stories and advice!