Mother Nature Agrees: Microsoft Ignite Is the Perfect Place to Begin Your Digital Transformation

Mother Nature Agrees Microsoft Ignite Is the Perfect Place to Begin Your Digital Transformation

Believe it or not, digital transformation has a near-perfect analogy in nature: metamorphosis. Think of the caterpillar. There’s nothing wrong with these creatures per se, but there’s not much about them that’s terribly praiseworthy, either. However, after they’ve emerged from metamorphosis, they’re one of the stars of the animal kingdom – and for a good reason. Butterflies fulfill an essential role as pollinators that sustain life on this planet; they are resilient, nimble and quick. And at the end of the day, being around them is simply a pleasant experience.

Which brings us back to digital transformation. Are you delivering an essential value to your customers and society? Are you nimble and quick enough to meet the demands of an ever-shifting business landscape? Do your employees and customers enjoy their interactions with your enterprise? If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, your organization may be a caterpillar. That’s OK. All butterflies comes from humble origins; they’re just the ones that stick around long enough to transform themselves. So can you.

At Fujitsu, we specialize in helping customers complete their own digital metamorphosis, providing the expertise, connected infrastructure and tools so they can confidently answer ‘yes’ to the questions above. But we recognize that innovating for a digital future takes a village and that the very best solutions are born from co-creation: bringing together expertise from wherever it exists to innovate for a better tomorrow. That’s why we’ve collaborated with Microsoft and Citirix for over 20 years, driving digital transformation in organizations large and small, all around the world. At this year’s Microsoft Ignite conference in Orlando, FL, September 25-29, we’ll showcase the solutions you need to stay responsive, respected and relevant in your industry.

Working with this trio, you’ll see that each company brings a unique value to the table. Fujitsu has the proven IP and implementation know-how to accelerate the speed of digital transformation; Microsoft is the world’s leading user productivity service provider; Citrix is the market leader for secure access to data and applications. Together, we know what it takes to guide your enterprise though the four essential building blocks on the journey to a Digital Workplace, with measurable value being added each step of the way.

The first step is the Connected Workplace, where all employees have a common set of tools aimed at boosting productivity. This is followed by the Collaborative Workplace, which ensures that ideas and information can be seamlessly shared in real time regardless of geography or organizational scale. Next comes the Intelligent Workplace, where Automated Process Discovery (APD) and Intelligent Engineering solutions use AI and other advance technologies to enable real-time analysis on all data, ensuring you’re equipped to make the right decisions quickly. Finally, you’ve arrived at the Digital Workplace. Now, mobility, analytics, cloud and social are all in sync, helping your staff, partners and suppliers accomplish meaningful tasks, make better decisions and amplify performance.

This barely scratches the surface of what the Fujitsu, Microsoft and Citrix partnership can do for your organization. But just remember this: We turn caterpillars into butterflies. Stop by the Fujitsu booth (#901) at Microsoft Ignite and get ready to soar.

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