Why Manufacturers Need to Adopt New Go-to-Market Models

Why Manufacturers need to Adopt New Go-to-Market Models

With pervasive connectivity transforming manufacturing, go-to-market strategies rapidly change. Companies can no longer be complacent about these trends and still remain relevant in their industry.

Manufacturers have been traditionally focused on the product – producing and shipping a high quality item, on-time and at the lowest possible cost. Go-to-market models were optimized for internal operations, customer interactions were focused on transactional sales processes, and in many cases distributors owned the end-customer relationship.

But times have changed, and connectivity has disrupted this legacy model. Connectivity allows for real-time insight into distribution and operations. Perhaps most importantly, connected products enable insight into product performance, usage, and the experience of the end customer. Go-to-market models for manufacturers need to adopt to this new operating paradigm in the following manner:

  • Focus on lifetime customer value vs. the transactional sale
  • Where possible – look for opportunities to establish ‘always on’ product connectivity for continuous insight and measurement and …
  • … use this insight to develop ongoing and meaningful interactions with the end customer
  • Develop incentives and tools that encourage shared ownership of customer relationships with distribution partners and internal operations to ultimately …
  • … reorient the entire value chain of the business around customer engagement

Companies that respond to this challenge have the opportunity to reinvent their businesses and build revenue models that take advantage of the entire lifecycle of their products and unlock the value of both their internal resources and distribution partners.

To learn how to adopt new go-to-market models for your manufacturing company, register for Fujitsu’s upcoming webinar – The Future of Digital Enterprise: Manufacturing 4.0. Accelerating Your Digital Transformation Journey on Wednesday, September 20 at 12pm ET/ 9am PT.

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