Innovation in Practice: A Timeline View

Innovation in Practice: A Timeline View

Düsseldorf, Germany
August 30, 2017

08:51 am: Summer in Germany, it is a sunny day in Düsseldorf. A group of our Young Community (YC), a local group of young Fujitsu guys, starts to move tables and chairs around the different meeting rooms.

09:12 am: The caterer comes in, delivers some deliciously looking snacks, and arranges them nicely in the coffee corner. Enough for about 50 people.

09:25 am: Everything is set up. The YC finally stands around the meeting room, waiting to kick off with an event that has never taken place in Fujitsu before: The Innovation Hub. Today’s topic: Sensors. They are a little nervous, but most importantly, quite confident that hours of planning are finally coming to life. The first participants come in and find their seats.

09:32 am: Go! Marcel Schuster kicks off with a brief introduction and hands over to Thomas Müller, Director Sales Public Sector Central Europe, who explains what the intention and idea behind this session are. Juan Perea Rodriguez and Thomas were supposed to introduce something new based upon what we understand as Co-Creation. The task this time was meant to be about how this applied to ourselves, resulting in an information opportunity for sales, marketing, pre-sales and technicians – in fact anybody who wants to learn something new.

09:43 am: Today’s topic: Sensors. Stefan Schiffer comes on stage and gives a presentation on what Fujitsu does in the field of IoT, Industry 4.0, with several sensors genuinely transforming businesses. The discussion starts already while he is still speaking.

10:04 am: Kim Werth comes on stage to deliver a short intro, followed by a compelling video about a current case with the police. She talks about weapons and biometric possibilities. There is a murmuring in the audience – clearly this has raised awareness about what and how you can do it with technology.

10:17 am: The laptop is connected; Hugo Lerias starts with his presentation about GlobeRanger. The audience’s eyes open wide. Did you know that thanks to RFID technology the check of life vests in an aircraft now only takes 1-5 mins instead of hours? Some people indicate that this is news to them.

10:48 am: The discussion starts. Sales people ask question upon question and share their opinions. Very interesting to see that current customer cases are brought into the discussion. Great, that was the goal.

11:12 am: People start to be engaged, looking to dive deeper and to learn from each other from the experiences gathered. Bernd shares experiences from a well-regulated industry: Banking. Data Protection is mentioned alongside other buzzwords that are vital today. Another colleague asks about how to approach his clients differently. A question – an answer. Juan and Thomas are smiling, so is the Young Community.

11:54 am: Thomas thanks everyone for sharing and invites them to enjoy the snacks. Discussion won’t stop while eating and drinking.

12:15 am: Empowered colleagues go back to their work and look forward to the next Innovation Hub in Düsseldorf. [Note from the Editor: Stay tuned, planning has already started!]

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