How to collaborate hand-in-hand with the robots for safer, more productive factory

Fujitsu co-creates a ground-breaking production line human-robot collaboration

Fujitsu co-creates a ground-breaking production line human-robot collaboration

A ground-breaking co-creation project between Fujitsu and automation expert KUKA has proved the concept that robots and humans will co-operate on the factory floor of the future. At Fujitsu’s Digital Smart Factory in Augsburg, Germany, robots assembling highly sensitive computer mainboards work hand-in-hand with their human colleagues.

And they can, literally, work together. The old fenced off areas which segregated humans and robots are gone. The robots are sensitive to a human presence; if someone comes close, they slow down to protect them. And the robots owe all their ‘knowledge’ to skilled human beings. Each robot has been taught the required assembly steps to complete a high-precision mainboard quickly and accurately. It’s mundane, repetitive work.

And thanks to this humans are freed to do more, well, ‘human’ work that’s more creative and intuitive, whilst the robots – augmented by machine learning – boost productivity whilst reducing defects or mistakes.

For me, it’s proof that a human robot collaboration can be a win-win scenario for all parties involved.

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    July 14, 2018

    Great article. Does this mean you have Invested in augsburg and there are now more than one robot running?

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    Andreas Rohnfelder
    July 18, 2018

    Dear Marlis, thanks a lot for your feedback on the blog. Fujitsu is constantly investing in its Augsburg factory and human-robot-collaboration is just one in many areas we are doing so. Other areas include Overall Equipment Effectiveness, RTLS, Assistance Systems – to just name some.

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