Great success at the German Data Center Award 2016

For the forth time in a row we successfully participated at the German Data Center Award and achieved top placements. We are proud winners of a second and a third rank.

Big congratulations to the winning team Heinz-Josef Claes, Harry Schäfle, Thomas Schkoda and Robert Ferwagner for an impressive 2. rank in the category Ideas and Research around the Data Center (Ideen und Forschung rund um das RZ). Goal of „FUJITSU SURIENT SCS (Stealth Connect Solution)“ is to better protect organizations against external attacks on their data centers. The new Stealth Connect Solution allows authorized users to connect to the data center via a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN). Attackers can’t address the data center and thus are not able to commit attacks, thanks to the  unique security concept from our SURIENT solution portfolio which is based on security research and development in Germany and is not subject to international regulations. Find more information about our Data Center Award submission here (in German language).

A round of extra applause goes to Data Center Management and Automation. For the forth time in a row Wilfried Cleres and team successfully participated at the German Data Center Award and again made it amongst the top 3. Congratiolations to the team Winfried Cleres, Michael Melzig and Martin Stetter for third rank in the category Data Center Software with the innovative topic “Autonomous IT Service Delivery – Data Center Operaton in the IoT Era”. The Fujitsu Autonomous Agent Technology increases the availability of IT services in the data centers and is able to autonomously react 10 times faster to critical situations in operations. This reduces necessary manual interactions of administrators and system failures and reallocates IT services to up and running servers automatically and intelligently in case of looming critical situations. Autonomous agent technology promises a 45-60% savings volume in energy consumption, software licenses, implementation and operation of high availability systems. Find more inforamtion about this Data Center Award submission here (in German language).

Congratulations to the winning teams !

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