The Power to Create the Future

Innovators embrace new ideas to create or do things that challenge the status quo. But why do they take these risks? What triggers their inspiration? Hear from the experts who've actualized their ambitions.

  • A Completely Submerged "Chilled Server!?"–A Novel Idea Good for Both the Global Environment and the ICT Society (Part 1)

    In the ICT society, the number of Internet-connected devices and sensors continues to grow astronomically. Handling the huge amount of heat generated by data centers and IT devices is an urgent issue to ensure stable system operation as well as the health of the global environment. Fujitsu has developed a novel liquid immersion cooling system that cools down servers by completely immersing them in liquid. This system won the 2018 Energy Conservation Grand Prize (for the first time) and the Environment Minister's Award for Global Warming Prevention Activity (second year in a row, sixth time overall). For this article, we interviewed Takashi Yamamoto, leader of the R&D project, about the process for commercializing this technology and its future potential.

  • A Completely Submerged "Chilled Server!?"–A Novel Idea Good for Both the Global Environment and the ICT Society (Part 2)

    Extreme weather events are reported all over the world. The need for technologies to help prevent global warming continues to rise. The liquid immersion cooling system developed by Yamamoto’s team reduces the entire server system’s power consumption by nearly 40% compared to those with conventional air cooling systems. Because it can easily demonstrate effects even in severe environments, people worldwide are paying close attention to the system.

  • Customer Engineers’ Attempt to Keep the World’s Oldest Computer Running (Part 1)

    One of the world’s oldest computers, FACOM128B relay computer made in 1959, is still operational in Fujitsu’s Numazu Complex. Customer Engineers (CEs) have kept it running for 60 years, an unprecedentedly long maintenance period. CEs are the ones to support today’s ICT systems, on one hand, maintains the world’s oldest computer to keep running. What is the meaning of it? What is their mission? We interviewed Nobuyuki Hori, the CE group leader, and Tadao Hamada, the advocate for running FACOM128B.

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Can AI Be Trusted?

While it’s expected that AI will be indispensable in aiding work currently performed by humans, issues surrounding bias and black-boxing are creating strong headwinds in AI’s further inclusion in business. We delve into AI ‘expandability’ and ethics…

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ICT Trends and Predictions

Fujitsu’s economists and consultants share the hottest ICT trends, recommendations and case studies so you can keep up with the times

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