We don’t settle for ‘ok’ at home, so why should we at work?

Main visual : We don’t settle for ‘ok’ at home, so why should we at work?

How much of the following scenario sounds familiar?

You wake to the alarm on your smartphone (probably after hitting snooze at least twice). You absent-mindedly check your social media before getting out of bed, safe in the knowledge that your smart thermostat has your home at just the right temperature for the time of year. You walk to the kitchen and ask your smart speaker to put on your favorite radio station.

And these are just the interactions we have with technology before breakfast!

Our days have become a series of hopefully seamless user experiences. If just one of these interactions fails to work as expected, it can throw us off our stride and affect the rest of our day.

Treat your employees just as well as your consumers

At Fujitsu, we don’t see why employee experiences should be any different, particularly when the pandemic has undoubtedly seen the line between our work and home lives become more blurred than ever before. We believe work processes should be every bit as smooth and fulfilling as consumer experiences.

And the benefits to your business of providing positive employee experiences – as well as the downsides to ignoring them – are both clear and wide-ranging.

The shift to new ways of working, with less reliance on an office-based workforce, has placed a greater emphasis on technology. For people to deliver their best results they need to be enabled with the right tools and support.

This means empowering creativity through smarter solutions, enabling collaboration and ultimately building a truly adaptive and resilient culture.

Less isolation, more connection

Another undeniable effect of the pandemic has been the isolation many people feel when working from home. Employers need to take this issue seriously. Making it possible for your people to do their work and feel connected can boost morale, making them feel valued and more in control of their daily lives.

We believe that giving your employees the kind of service they’re used to in their personal lives can help you achieve this.

Overall, the employee experience is more important than ever, but this is not purely a result of the pandemic, which arguably accelerated existing transformational trends including less reliance on an office-based workforce.

For example, a major retail and commercial bank in the United Kingdom asked us to help them create a platform to allow for a significant increase in the number of remote users. It needed to have the power and agility to adapt to their future needs too. They wanted to allow their people to work flexibly wherever they may be, and on whatever device they happen to be using.

We created something which was simple to use, scalable, and robust. By more than quadrupling user capacity at pace, employees can now access essential services such as Microsoft 365 and Teams through an intuitive online portal. This allows them to work securely wherever they choose to get work done.

The upsides of adopting such a platform are clear. This company has been able to reduce its physical footprint (and the costs associated with maintaining office space) while also increasing productivity and employee wellbeing. And customers benefit, too, with the organization able to respond to queries and requests quicker than ever before.

Different needs, same goals

Of course, every organization is different, with its own needs and requirements. But no matter how big or small, or what industry you operate in, keeping a dispersed workforce in touch and in the know is more important than ever. And a flexible cloud platform, with the support of an expert provider, is the most reliable way to succeed.

We may not be able to stop your people occasionally hitting the snooze button in the morning, but we can help you give them an employee experience they look forward to being a part of each day.

Making them feel empowered, listened to, and connected.

Which in turn makes them loyal and ready to help drive your business forward, becoming a true force for transformation.

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