The more you know, the quicker you can act

Main visual : The more you know, the quicker you can act

Businesses have had to contend with a lot over the last year. As well as an unprecedented shift towards new ways of working, many organizations have needed to pivot almost overnight to entirely new trading models, such as operating delivery-only services, just to survive.

And businesses have negotiated this rocky landscape while also adapting to meet constantly shifting customer behaviors. Consumers have had more time on their hands during lockdowns, but it hasn’t made them more patient. On the contrary, people expect faster, smoother services than ever.

Time has become a luxury that few can afford.

Speed of thought

For those responsible for shaping modern customer experiences, the speed at which you need to move – and get solutions to market – has accelerated beyond recognition. Those that are quickest to react are the ones that will survive, and then have the potential to thrive in the post-pandemic world.

But speed on its own isn’t sufficient. Success comes from knowing the whole picture, being armed with the knowledge to make the right decisions quickly. And a big part of this is making sure you have the right applications in place to provide your people with the tools they need to respond at pace, and the ability to understand and unlock the potential of your data.

Know your customers, empower your employees

Let’s take a couple of examples.

We worked with a restaurant chain looking to decide which branches to open first at the end of lockdown. What mattered to them most was not necessarily the busiest restaurants, but the ones with the most loyal customers – to give the business a stable income when it needed certainty as well as revenue.

This task became possible as we had helped the business to aggregate its data through Dynamics 365. With a clearer view of its customers, the chain was able to make the right decision for the times – and fast.

We also worked with a specialist trainer in the construction sector, who wanted a new platform fit for both the present and future. One which was fast in every sense. That supported new ways of working and provided a lightning quick user experience, as well as being flexible enough to allow for speedy adaptation when required.

We created an intuitive new cloud-based platform using Azure and SharePoint. It scans metadata to allow for easy and intuitive searches. It scales up and down so it’s in tune with seasonal demand. And, perhaps most importantly, over 1000 colleagues are now able to access the organization’s digital services wherever they may be, helping them to collaborate and share knowledge easily.

Time for a change

The examples above showcase the impact of the right cloud-based applications to unlock your data. They can help you to react at the breakneck speed now required to make decisions and then bring solutions to market – regardless of the type of market you operate in.

Modern, intelligent applications can provide unrivalled analytics to give you greater knowledge of your customers’ needs and habits than ever before. Plus, they support the intuitive, seamless experiences you need to offer.  

And, using application capabilities such as Microsoft Power Platform, it’s even possible to develop whole, new applications and solutions with little or no code.

So, organizations can react quickly to problems, but crucially also to opportunities. At the moment, it may seem as though everything is about damage limitation. But it won’t always be like that.

The pandemic is likely to have changed our relationship with time and therefore, data for good. But consumers have not become more patient – instead it has made people less sympathetic to things that take too long.

As this applies to both customers and employees, it means that businesses are under more pressure than ever to react with considered speed. In such an uncertain, fast-moving world, we all need things we can trust – and the combination of Fujitsu’s expertise and Microsoft technology strikes a balance between the dependability and innovation organizations need.

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