Building a data-driven intelligent enterprise

Main visual : Building a data-driven intelligent enterprise

Isn’t it always amazing, how over the course of time things seem predestined for each other and develop in ways that ultimately bring them together as one? You look at this and say to yourself: Yes, of course, by nature this cannot be anything else than what it actually is! This kind of convergence takes place everywhere – in biology, culture, mathematics and technology. And we also find it in the data-driven intelligent enterprise as well. This is where the concept of the data-driven intelligent enterprise (dating back to the 1980s/1990s), the ubiquitous Internet and many other key technologies, including artificial intelligence with its origins in the 1950s, all come together to form a whole. The result is an ecosystem that stretches from edge to the core data center and even extends to the cloud, ensuring that the human intellect receives the nourishment it needs today – more than ever before. And that nourishment is data.

How can convergence take place successfully?

Applications and infrastructure technology are the most important elements needed when we use data to create business value. This is especially true for enterprises and organizations which manage their business with SAP applications – they rely on SAP S/4HANA when transforming their processes and striving to boost business agility and speed. Fujitsu makes sure that everything from the edge to the core and to the cloud runs smoothly so that rapid market launches and real-time customer experiences are possible. However, a number of hurdles must be overcome first.

One of the greatest challenges for enterprises is coping with the enormous complexity of data landscapes in a hyper-connected world. Heterogeneous environments, along with obsolete applications and processes, complicate matters even more. These problems result in slower responses to the needs of customers and partners, unwieldy coordination and decision-making processes, delayed market launches and high costs when consolidating and retrieving key information.

This is where Fujitsu’s data-driven transformation strategy (DDTS) comes into play. To lay the foundation for data transformation, we collaborate with customers and inspect their SAP landscapes, identify deficiencies, and define their ultimate business goals. In the next step we set up a data architecture that ensures efficient data management across edge, core and cloud. Solutions that deliver effective data protection and availability – which are vital to business success in our hyper-connected world – are also part of the equation. We leverage the benefits of data science and implement technologies such as artificial intelligence and advanced analytics so that data will generate added value for the business.

Best practices approach to make SAP environments ready for hybrid cloud

How will you shape your journey to become a data-driven intelligent enterprise? Undoubtedly, it would be best to take the fastest track. That's why we have developed our "Right Cloud for the Right Workload" concept, which is based on experience from numerous international projects. With our hybrid cloud consulting, we accompany you with clearly defined milestones to help you reach your goal. A proven instrument along the way is our hardware-agnostic FUJITSU SystemInspection Service for SAP solutions, with which we analyze complete SAP landscapes in detail. This service gives you a holistic view of environment performance and utilization – SAP HANA and other partner environments can be included in the analyses. We will show you how to save on investments and mitigate risks while also boosting data protection and compliance. To fully exploit the potential, we leverage our FUJITSU Integrated Systems PRIMEFLEX for SAP Environments together with SAP-specific add-ons from partners. Our SAP-certified HCI and CI PRIMEFLEX end-to-end infrastructures enable us to implement exactly the right solution for your hybrid cloud SAP strategy in a short time. And that is a key benefit for you.

Systematic utilization of data delivers business benefits

What kind of business benefits can you expect on your way to becoming a data-driven intelligent enterprise? This question is frequently asked by customers. There is no universally applicable answer. However, our many successful projects have shown that considerable benefits can be expected for every enterprise – precise figures depend on the type of business or industry. For example, a global financial service provider with 32,000 employees in 16 countries is currently migrating to S/4HANA. In collaboration with this customer we are setting up a private cloud architecture with plenty of room for growth. Forrester conducted a study in February 2020 and discovered that it delivers impressive levels of value – 87% ROI, 60% more agility and 50% higher efficiency.

Such results prove that there are some pretty compelling reasons for turning your business into a data-driven intelligent enterprise. And we are ready to plan the best route to get you there!

Let’s shape your future data-driven intelligent enterprise together. Watch our brand new video and learn more: