A Culture of Agility

Main visual : A Culture of Agility

Are you agile enough for what lies ahead?   

In the face of ongoing major disruption in markets, supply chains and working practices, organizations need more than just the right digital tools and technologies to drive the transformation they need.  It’s become clear that there are a number of key enablers – or ‘Digital Muscles’ - organizations need for success.

One of the most important of these muscles is driving an agility culture.  The past year in particular has vividly demonstrated the critical importance of being able to adapt quickly and effectively to changing circumstances, sometimes overnight.   To create a culture in which this is possible, organizations need to actively encourage innovation, with an open-minded approach to exploring radical new possibilities, unhindered by tradition and precedent.

One such organization is the Government of Andalusia, in Spain, who needed a more efficient and responsive approach to distributing aid and subsidies from the European Union.  Using Agile methodologies, Fujitsu has helped the Government team to introduce new, flexible development processes, streamlining their administrative systems and developing an optimized, always-on application development culture.   By creating a modular architecture of reusable microservices, the Government team has established a modern, centralized approach, ensuring aid and subsidies can now be allocated quickly and efficiently.  

In Denmark, Coop Trading started working with Fujitsu to transform how IT projects are delivered by moving from a traditional waterfall way of working to a new DevOps culture. Fujitsu implemented SCRUM as the agile delivery method with 2 week sprints and commitment driven sprint planning, before building the basics for a continuous delivery platform through an automation toolstack to support agile development processes. Time to market has already decreased significantly with a 300% improvement for all development tasks. Coop now have trust in their IT , with customer satisfaction rising from an all time low of 1.5 out of 5 to an all time high of 4.5 out of 5.

These examples show how successful organizations are now driving the required culture of agility.    So, how agile is your organization?  Do you have the agility you need to anticipate and respond to ongoing disruption? 

The best way to check is to take Fujitsu’s 5-minute Digital Muscles assessment.   Do it today.  The results might surprise you.