How can you get fit for transformation?

Main visual : How can you get fit for transformation?

Digital innovation has assumed a new level of significance, as organizations seek to find ways to survive and grow in the face of major ongoing disruption.    

However, in practice, successful digital transformation requires much more than just the latest tools and technology.  Fujitsu has identified the critical importance of six specific characteristics, or ‘Digital Muscles’, that determine whether organizations can actually drive sustainable, tangible benefits from their transformation initiatives.  

These characteristics are Leadership, People, Data, Ecosystems, Business Integration and Agility.  And it’s clear that a level of excellence is required across all these areas in order to sustain successful transformation results.

So, how well do you think your organization currently measures up against these criteria?   The easiest way to find out is by completing our 5-minute Digital Muscles assessment.

Once you have your results, you can explore improvement actions and next steps by talking with one of Fujitsu’s Co-creation personal trainers.  

Our Co-creating Program enables effective collaboration between your business experts and our technology and industry specialists.  Helping you shape your digital transformation vision by addressing your specific challenges and opportunities. 

Our trainers apply Fujitsu’s unique design thinking methodology, Human Centric Experience Design, which has been refined specifically to enable rapid digital transformation. 

You can also access our Virtual Co-creation facility, enabling effective collaboration in an enjoyable and completely immersive on-line environment.  Here you can find out more about the role of design in driving transformation:  Fujitsu - Design in action

It’s a highly collaborative approach that’s already helped many organizations around the world to achieve tangible business value from digital innovation.   

For example, Northern Ireland’s Driver and Vehicle Agency recently accelerated their transformation program by completing four design thinking workshops, generating over 170 actionable ideas and, in the process, engaging their people in developing a clearer vision of future roles.

You can visit Fujitsu - Design in action  if you want to know more about the role of design in driving transformation.

So, to start the process, take your Digital Muscles assessment today.  You may be surprised by the results.