How good are your Digital Muscles?

Main visual : How good are your Digital Muscles?

We’re all having to adapt to radically new ways of living and working.  The seismic disruption to markets, supply chains and working practices over recent months has forced many organizations to find new ways to survive and grow.  To reimagine themselves.  It’s in this context that exploiting digital innovation has assumed even more critical importance.  

For many, translating digital innovation into the tangible outcomes they need, like improved business resilience and agility, can be complicated and time-consuming, especially when established systems, processes and attitudes are deeply engrained.  It’s clear that, in practice, successful transformation demands much more than just the latest digital tools and technologies.

So, where should you start?   Do you have the foundation blocks you need?   How can you ensure your transformation initiatives will drive the tangible outcomes you need to create resilience and growth in the future? 

A great place to start is by taking Fujitsu’s 5-minute Digital Muscles assessment.   The Digital Muscles are the six key enablers for successful digital transformation, covering Leadership, People, Agility, Ecosystems, Business Integration and Data.  By taking the assessment, you can understand your organization’s relative strengths and weaknesses in the context of these characteristics, helping you identify appropriate strategies and next steps to drive successful digital transformation.  

By talking to senior executives across hundreds of global organizations, we have been able to highlight the powerful correlation between strength in these specific areas and the ability to deliver tangible benefits from digital transformation.  

Diagram showing digital maturity model

Furthermore, the findings from these discussions provide insightful industry benchmarks for you to compare your specific results.

Diagram showing digital maturity by industry sector.

So, to help you understand and accelerate your organization’s ongoing digital transformation, take five minutes today to take the Digital Muscles assessment. The results might surprise you.