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When prosperous blends with purposeful: embracing co-creation to design impactful digital services

Main visual : When prosperous blends with purposeful: embracing co-creation to design impactful digital services

There’s a profound struggle in the business world.

You probably recognize it yourself. The disconnect between individual and corporate needs: employees versus their company, consumers versus service providers, and even wider society versus the need for business growth.

The recent global pandemic has shown us that a sustainable future needs to be one where prosperous blends with purposeful: where corporate goals are reconciled with societal needs. And technology plays a vital role in enabling that.

In fact, 88% of business leaders currently believe that it’s important for them to deliver value to society through their business, according to the Fujitsu Global Digital Transformation Survey 2020.

However, many of them still find it challenging to reconcile business growth with contributing to society. When asked why, 35% put it down to the difficulty of developing practical project ideas and 34% say it’s not being clear on the return on investment.

So how can you design new digital services that better serve people, society, and your business? Well, simply put, you need to take a human-centered approach.

This is one of the key pillars of Fujitsu’s co-creating program, and a belief shared with our partner POLI.design, with whom we have recently launched a bespoke accreditation program for Fujitsu’s human centric experience design (HXD) community. This is the community of Fujitsu practitioners that orchestrate our co-creation journeys with customers and partners to drive human-centric digital transformation.

A key goal of this accreditation program is to refine the design skills of our practitioner community to ensure that every solution we create with our customers and partners puts humans at the center of decision-making.

Creating together

POLI.Design is famed for their design expertise and our own HXD methodology has been refined over the past years to specifically turn digital transformation challenges into solutions. By combining their academic rigor with our practical application and technology expertise, we hope to make Fujitsu HXD approach even more robust and deliver even more value to our clients.

POLI.Design and our HXD methodology are both driven by the same beliefs. Namely, that humans need to be at the center of design.

Diversity of perspectives

Coming together isn’t enough though. What we are looking for is to unlock the insights derived from connecting with very diverse perspectives. This means creating open mindedness and extending the scope for transformational solutions by involving everyone. In other words, creation can’t be limited to expert designers nor to one single team. Everyone needs to be a creator.

By empowering everyone to think like a designer, no stone gets left unturned. 

This approach also saves a lot of time. We don’t need to repeatedly scurry back to the drawing board every time new functionality is needed. Through an open and honest dialogue, ideas are teased and fleshed out at the point of conception, enabling us to understand the full scope of the project from the very beginning.

Creating the right mindset

Finally, a shared mindset is key. Inevitably, when you bring together so many voices, design sessions can easily become chaotic.

This is something we’ve thought about carefully. People express themselves in different ways. So if a design session is dominated by a handful of loud voices, it’s all too easy for others to not have their say.

This has especially been true during the pandemic. ‘Zoom fatigue’ is something we all know too well, so we’ve done our best to keep people as engaged as possible.

Embracing virtual co-creation with confidence

Our response to the restrictions caused by COVID-19 is our Virtual Co-creation Experience. This uses an immersive, interactive experience that makes sure all participants feel comfortable contributing whilst working remotely.

Part of this is common sense. As you can probably guess, short sprint sessions keep people more engaged than longer ones. We focus on a modular approach, with session leads using a variety of tools and exercises to encourage everyone to get involved.

We’ve even found these virtual sessions we’ve run since the pandemic have advantages over physical ones. They give us the flexibility to co-create across multiple locations and access experts wherever they are in the world. Again, this enables more diverse collaboration opportunities between people.

We strongly believe in the value of design in combination with co-creation to drive purposeful digital transformation. And this belief is embraced by our CEO himself, who recently announced the creation of a new design center and the acceleration of a design-driven culture across Fujitsu.

If you are interested to co-create your vision of a prosperous and purposeful transformation for your organization and your stakeholders with Fujitsu, get in touch with one of our colleagues or directly with our Global co-creating program team: cocreatingprogram@ts.fujitsu.com