Server Networking: a crucial piece of your changing datacenter puzzle

Main visual : Server Networking: a crucial piece of your changing datacenter puzzle

Picture yourself – as a kid, staring listlessly at that box of 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle your parents just gave you for your seventh birthday… the cover with the world map on it barely catches your interest. Wanted a race car toy instead? Well, tough luck!  Now go solve that puzzle.

As an adult, you don’t have much of a choice either. Now, you have to sort through a maze of metaphorical jigsaw puzzles – handed to you in round-robin fashion by an invisible hand. There is one main difference though – the pieces of the puzzle are constantly changing. 

Be it in our jobs, our personal lives, or even balancing both, just when you thought you had things figured out, new challenges crop up and the jigsaw is strewn open once again.

As a business owner or an IT manager/administrator, one of the main puzzles you are trying to solve is your organization’s data center.

The ever-changing datacenter puzzle

Speed: the human obsession with this enticing metric is nothing new. We have always been obsessed with the fastest cars, the fastest airplanes, the fastest swimmer, the fastest sprinter… the list goes on and on.

Countless advertisements, movies, and TV shows have capitalized on this human obsession with speed. In the digital world, this obsession has taken the form of instant consumption – from ordering food, booking cabs, or streaming 4K videos to millions of posts and likes on Social Media, almost everything today happens instantaneously.

With surging speeds of data explosion driving the extreme pace that most businesses operate today, every enterprise wants their IT infrastructure to operate at a pace that the business demands. The same obsession with speed translates into datacenter servers and their ever-increasing CPU speeds, demanding graphic GPU’s and extreme computing power.

Your datacenter puzzle is also constantly challenged and modified to accommodate new types of workloads – in Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, and others – stretched by the sheer scale of these workloads. In addition, these applications along with new ways of processing data are growing exponentially.

But what does all this mean for the network? – the crucial infrastructure piece of the puzzle that handles the flow of data in and out of your datacenter to support compute and storage for new applications – the network can be a major bottleneck.

Server networking: Network at the speed of now!

Did you know that slow performance of your datacenter network eats away at your revenues, slowly but surely?

Milliseconds make Millions: According to this 2020 research by Deloitte Digital – commissioned by Google – a mere 0.1s change in load time can influence every step of the user journey, increasing conversion rates of your website up to 10%!

The conclusion is obvious, if you don’t want to lose revenues, you have to improve your network performance. While your server is the foundation of your data center, your server networking is crucial to the performance of your network.

Server Networking includes all the important infrastructure that connects a server to your network and keeps data flowing through your compute and the rest of the data center. To suitably streamline your data center and get the best network performance out of your IT, you need to choose the best Server Networking Options that deliver:

  • Options Tailored to Optimize your Workloads – To improve network performance and lower latency, you need to choose the right Server Networking Options. Fujitsu server networking offers the industry latest options to address all your data center networking requirements.
  • Flexibility and scalability that your network needs – With Fujitsu DynamicLoM technology, you now have the ability to individually adapt your current server network and further change and meet future requirements without giving your infrastructure a general overhaul!
  • Reliability and security – At Fujitsu, we understand that the reliability and security of your network are paramount. Fujitsu does everything possible to guarantee you the best performance and highest fail-safety – starting with the initial certification of new network cards, the firmware fine adjustment, and up to the quality control of individual deliveries and supplies.

The bottom line: Whether it’s managing the metaphorical puzzles in your changing day-to-day life or your datacenter, you need to fit the right pieces together quickly. For your data center, Fujitsu is here to help. For more information please visit our Fujitsu Server Options website.