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Eyes wide open: how we helped an insurance provider reimagine their infrastructure

Main visual : Eyes wide open: how we helped an insurance provider reimagine their infrastructure

Our approach with any client is to be value-driven, rather than solution-driven. That means developing solutions that don’t just solve problems, but do so in a way that resonates with the entire organization.

And more often than not, this means going above and beyond our brief. 

We don’t create the solution clients think they want. As a digital transformation company, we look at our partners holistically: scrutinizing who they are, what they stand for and what they want to be, then designing solutions that fit into their long-term plan. 

In this article, we’ll explore a case study where we did just that.

Identifying change

Our client, a well-known insurance provider, was challenged with reimagining its Oracle V-Shape Fujitsu hardware. 

The infrastructure had served the client well throughout the years, but it was coming to the end of its operational life. And with the pressure of reducing operational costs, meeting regulatory requirements, and satisfying increasing customer demands, it was in urgent need of a ‘technical refresh’.

Fujitsu was already a trusted partner of the business. And as its hardware was already housed in our data centers, we were asked to assess our client’s next steps.

We knew this was a big step for the company. Competition is fierce, and every department throughout the business was under increasing pressure to deliver. So we left no stone unturned when it came to finding the right solution. 

During our initial assessment, we looked at the requirements of the entire company – not just individual departments – enabling us to make hardware and software recommendations that would propel them well into the future. 

An options-based approach 

No one knows our client’s business better than our client. So, to ensure the team got the solution they wanted, we provided multiple options at every stage of the journey.

Whatever the topic of discussion – be it high-level target architecture, implementation profiles or cost models – we provided three options as the bare minimum for our client to choose from. This allowed them to have a full view of the possibilities and choose the path that suited them best from a financial, commercial, and technical perspective. 

It also fostered further discussion and collaboration, enabling us to build trust and confidence in the program when taking it to new stakeholders in the business.

Expert insights

Of course, sharing technical knowledge with stakeholders isn’t always a simple task. Decision-makers need timely, relevant and digestible information to enable them to make choices – and that’s exactly what we provided.

Thanks to the experience and expertise we brought to the table with our technical and commercial resources, we were able to quickly articulate and share insights in a way that the stakeholders could easily understand – thus helping them make those all-important business decisions.

During every meeting, conference call, or workshop, we always prioritized bringing teams to the table that would add the most value. In some cases, that even meant bringing the vendor (Oracle) into the room. 

Meetings were held collectively between the three organizations to get consensus and clear direction of progress to hit the critical dates. The mantra collectively was ‘eyes wide open’ meaning if it wasn’t good news, we would all be in the know and proactively deal with it upfront to avoid project issues.

A flexible approach 

Another unique aspect of our collaboration was our flexible approach to finance.

We changed the financial construction of the deal in order to facilitate an OPEX payment model, as opposed to CAPEX to support their budgetary challenges. 

Knowing the client wouldn’t be able to afford a large upfront payment, we worked with third party suppliers to fund that upfront cost and amortize it across the rest of the contract. This enabled them to start the project when necessary and use those funds for more pressing spend.

Finance is of course a delicate part of any business deal. But the strength of the relationship between us and the client meant we could easily come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.

A relationship built on trust

It really was the strength of our existing relationship that enabled this project to be such a success.

Our ‘eyes wide open’ approach meant the client was never left in the dark. Even during the initial assessment, we invited them to a series of six workshops to really flesh out what they needed from a solution and show them what we had in mind.

These workshops didn’t just help us in our proposal. It also helped practically speaking when it came to what the client wanted from a solution, prompting stakeholder consensus which accelerated the program overall.

The ultimate outcome far exceeded our client’s expectations. What started as a technical refresh became an evergreen cloud solution that removed the need for maintenance altogether.

Through collaboration and open dialogue, our solution outdid our client’s expectations, enabling them to stop worrying about the complexities of their technical infrastructure and instead concentrate on what matters most – running their business. 

To find out more about our straightforward, ‘eyes wide open’ approach with our customers, catch up on our Fujitsu ActivateNow video where we put Oracle in the hot seat to ask: does your data really need to be in the Cloud?