Successful transformation of SAP environments: the whole is more than the sum of its parts

Main visual : Successful transformation of SAP environments: the whole is more than the sum of its parts

Is Aristotle still relevant in our dynamic and expanding digital world? Yes!

Isn’t the thesis “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” the principle behind digital transformation?

During the digital transformation process, something entirely new originates – with its own unique qualities and characteristics – all thanks to synergies in the process.

Leveraging potential synergies is quite a challenge. Those who want to successfully realize their vision of the future should pay attention to the one element that holds everything together – namely, data.

More than 80% of today’s business enterprises and organizations recognize the value of data and its importance for achieving overall success. However, experts have also discovered that enterprises actively use only about 3% of their data.

From my discussions with SAP® customers, I know that many enterprises and organizations have trouble finding the right route for their transformation journey. Dead ends can turn up anywhere – for example, if you do not fully harmonize the perspectives of those in technology departments with their colleagues working in business departments.

Other pitfalls may include banking too much on cloud solutions over on-premise solutions – and vice versa – not to mention the problems that arise when technical complexity can no longer be managed efficiently.

Creating value with data

To fully exploit the potential business value of data with SAP systems through data-driven transformation, it is important to have a detailed end-to-end plan ready well in advance – in other words, before you start, you need to know precisely HOW to realize the transformation and WHAT ROI you expect to ultimately achieve.

We can provide you with complete support based on our consulting know-how and experience as a technology integrator, not to mention the expertise available from our partner ecosystem.

We offer SAP customers a holistic range of services as we accompany them throughout the entire transformation journey: from initial business analyses and the identification of success criteria, then moving on through the phases of discover, prepare, explore, realize, deploy and run – and ultimately unlocking the potential of data to benefit the business enterprise.

This is how, Fujitsu, in its role as a trusted transformation partner, provides the key link that brings together strategy, implementation, and operation. Let me discuss this briefly.

Planning with a holistic vision

It all starts with a definition of the baseline of the data transformation – where we also define the success criteria for the customer’s journey to delivering business value. We also look to explore and discover the options technology has on offer today via a Readiness Workshop in which the customer learns about industry trends and relevant alternatives, both from within the realm of SAP and beyond.

The next step would be to explore the customer’s data and the SAP IT landscape in detail, while also uncovering weaknesses and clearly formulating the business goals that are to be achieved.

Here, for example, we employ Fujitsu SystemInspection Service for SAP Solutions, a proven instrument for analyzing complete SAP landscapes.

In the next phase, we collaborate with the customer in setting up a data architecture that ensures efficient data management across edge, core and cloud. Data protection and availability are essential for achieving business success in our hyper-networked world.

We make sure this is all taken care of, and we focus on the business value that the transformation is expected to deliver – this is where data science and artificial intelligence are being applied with more and more frequency.

Setting agile transformation in motion

Starting with the customer’s defined transformation strategy, we then set the process in motion through a collaborative and results-oriented approach. Our modular SAP services portfolio, and our SAP-certified HCI and CI end-to-end infrastructures, together serve as the lever to get things moving.

Our SAP services are complementary to the SAP application consulting services that Fujitsu or our SAP consulting partners offer and can be combined together with the same to provide customers with an end-to-end experience.

The integrated systems PRIMEFLEX for SAP Environments serve as the powerful and future-proof foundation for core business processes based on SAP S/4HANA, SAP C/4HANA, SAP Leonardo or other SAP offerings. They enable us to generate real business value for our customers almost immediately and support efficiencies through Solution Contracts and Solution Packs at the same time.

Achieving measurable results

Our holistic approach has been proven in projects conducted for enterprises of all sizes and in every branch of industry.

For example, a global financial services provider wanting to seamlessly migrate 32,000 users in more than 60 countries to SAP S/4HANA by the year 2025 has achieved an ROI of 87% over three years with our support.

Do you already have a vision for your business in the digital world? If so, let Fujitsu help you prove that the whole is more than the sum of its parts.