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Introducing Fujitsu ActivateNow – a unique event to support your digital transformation

Main visual : Introducing Fujitsu ActivateNow – a unique event to support your digital transformation

In previous years you perhaps joined us at Fujitsu Forum or Fujitsu World Tour, or caught up with all the event insights and innovation through our live video programme, social media coverage and blogs.

Our events aimed to deliver value to help solve your challenges, informing and inspiring you to unleash the power of technology to achieve transformational outcomes for your organization.

This ambition hasn’t changed. But this year, to reflect the transformation we believe all organizations need to make, we have transformed our event experience.

Finding purpose and direction in a world in turmoil

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations were facing challenges on many fronts – the ever increasing pace of technology innovation, ferocious competition on a Global scale, the breakdown of trust in governments and big business, cyber-crime and much more.

In many ways, when COVID-19 hit our world earlier this year, it did not so much create new challenges as super-charge those we already faced. As Nik Puri, SVP, International IT at FedEx put it talking to i-CxO recently: “The future arrived early.”

In response to these challenges, businesses and governments around the world turned to technology as a vital enabler.

Whether shifting overnight to 100% home working, managing a surge in demand for online shopping, or co-ordinating healthcare provision, technology plays a role in almost every transformation experienced by organizations in recent years.

At Fujitsu, we believe the best path to succeed in transformation is through vision and purpose. What does your organization stand for, and how can it play a positive role, not only for your customers, but also for your broader societal ecosystems?

These are tough questions to address. But in our view, the organizations that get it right have an unparalleled opportunity to unlock the true power of digital transformation and achieve long-term, sustainable growth.

We wanted to create an event that helps you tackle these big questions – as well as the technology and innovation insights you might expect from Fujitsu.

So, we’re very proud to introduce Fujitsu ActivateNow, a brand new global event program to inspire your digital transformation.

Delivered in an engaging, interactive digital format, Fujitsu ActivateNow will help you reimagine how digital innovation can drive a brighter future, for a world that has changed beyond recognition.

Reimagine your organization’s future

We want ActivateNow to deliver actionable insights that help you address the challenges you face as a business or public sector organization in 2020. But we also want to help you take a step back and fully explore the opportunities that true digital transformation presents.

Here’s just some of what you can expect from ActivateNow:

  • Inspiring keynote sessions from Fujitsu’s leaders and experts, joined by some of the world’s top business thinkers.

keynote speakers.JPG

  • Highlight sessions taking a deeper dive into making transformation a reality, featuring Fujitsu customers and partners from around the globe.
  • Breakout sessions going into further detail and giving you the insights you need to deliver transformational outcomes from the latest cutting edge innovations.
  • Plus lots, lots more…

A digital experience tailored for you

ActivateNow can be experienced around the world and in multiple languages.

regional events.JPG

Each regional event will extend and enhance your experience through tailored content with customers, guests, and Fujitsu speakers from our local organization.

Fujitsu ActivateNow will take place LIVE on 14th October. We hope you can join us on the day, but don’t worry if not – you’ll be able to experience ActivateNow on-demand after the event.

Click the relevant link below to register for Fujitsu ActivateNow in your region:

Americas Oceania Central & Eastern Europe (GER)
Asia  Japan North Western Europe (EN)

We’re really looking forward to seeing you (virtually) at Fujitsu ActivateNow. We hope the insights and innovations we’ll be discussing will help you deliver transformational change where it matters most.

Find all the details on our Fujitsu ActivateNow microsite.