Multi-cloud agility in a post-COVID world

Main visual : Multi-cloud agility in a post-COVID world

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing us to rethink the way we do business. Before the crisis, many companies focused on responding to market trends while keeping costs under control.

Today, we wake up in a world that is upside down and inside out. Business leaders and committed citizens are indeed challenging our pre-crisis business models. Companies will need to innovate to rebuild a sustainable world. This means more pressure on IT departments to deliver greener, more resilient and more human-centric solutions.

Change is upon us. How do we get the best out of it?

Most organizations run some kind of cloud initiative. However, those who have successfully adopted fully-fledged cloud solutions are less numerous than you might think. When developing their cloud initiative, many IT leaders usually justify their cloud project as a cost-saving exercise. Nevertheless, this “do more with less” approach is not always the most effective one. Whilst cloud services allow us to save valuable resources, there are other compelling reasons to migrate to cloud services.

In the current context, it is essential to adapt your services as soon as your business users need them. Hence, the ability to optimize your applications is what drives the real value of your cloud. Migrating to the cloud is thus not an end in itself, but rather a means to deliver new solutions to users in an agile way.

We believe that, to achieve this, new solutions will increasingly rely on Multi-Cloud infrastructure services. We also believe that a cloud project should always feature a well-thought change management plan.

Achieving this post-crisis goal will be challenging, no doubt. A Multi-Cloud project requires a blend of professionals: product owners, “DevOps” teams and change management experts.

My Fujitsu colleagues in Belgium, and the wider company, are eager to work with organizations to take on this challenge. Our experienced consultants, architects and change managers are ready to co-create a tailored multi-cloud ecosystem with you.

Fujitsu has developed a compartmentalized service offering designed to simplify the Multi-Cloud transition. This enables you to adopt new Multi-Cloud services or to improve those you already own, in small manageable pieces, with a reasonable investment. With us, you can start a multi-cloud project that will meet your customers’ needs.

At a time when work pace is essential to success, companies applying agile development are well prepared for "business as usual" and future growth. With Fujitsu you have your agile partner at your fingertips.

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