The evolution of servers in the digital world

Main visual : The evolution of servers in the digital world

In IT, change and continuous development have always been constant. We used to know at least in which direction the change was going, but not anymore. According to Moore's Law, the number of transistors and the CPU speed roughly doubles every 18 months. New operating system versions or upgrades came at a similar predictable pace, and memory and other storage technologies also developed in a comparable time horizon.

Today, however, it is much more complex and Moore's Law is starting to show its limitations. Technological progress must inevitably be much faster so that the huge amounts of data we produce can be processed and analyzed accordingly. Data never sleeps and the data growth is exploding to the point that today’s CPU, memory, and storage technologies are forcing trade-offs when implementing solutions for actionable insights. These days it is not enough for a server to be twice as fast as its predecessor; it must provide additional innovative functionalities to keep pace with new requirements.

How to choose the right server

Hardly any company is able to work without a proper IT infrastructure. What used to be done mechanically using typewriters and arithmetic sliders is now done using computers, notebooks, and smartphones. Times have changed and technology is developing rapidly. Most companies have expanded their systems more and more in recent years in order to complete daily work processes faster and more efficiently. In the course of ever-increasing amounts of data, the question often arises about the suitable system, the right location, the management software as well as the backup and protection of data. Nowadays, servers are an important factor for every company regardless of the size ranges and industries. But it is often difficult to even know which server is the right one for the individual needs.

Different companies with various demands

Companies with remote or branch offices that may not have their own server room or even data center need server systems that deliver simple, efficient business value as well as simple management functions to increase IT staff productivity.

Even if it is certainly not the rule, there are smaller companies that are only now starting to use their own server infrastructure. These mostly locally based companies are looking for a compact, quiet and stylish system that can be set up and used on a desk or counter – a small server with just the right performance in a form factor that is easy to use and maintain.

There are also many businesses with higher demands on their server infrastructure. This should provide the greatest possible variety of configuration options and a versatile design to ensure optimized performance for multi-application workloads and scenarios.

Last but not least, there are, of course, institutions – mostly large ones – with very high demands on availability and reliability and extremely high performance requirements for e.g. real-time analytics within one single system.


Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY: One Family. Infinite possibilities.

There is no single server solution to meet all these needs. That is exactly why we offer a broad server portfolio consisting of expandable tower servers for remote and branch offices, versatile rack-mount servers, density-optimized multi-node servers as well as mission-critical PRIMEQUEST servers with up to eight processors. While all these systems are designed to handle multiple workloads, each server is optimized for specific use cases. Whatever the size of your business – a large enterprise with multiple sites, or a small or medium-sized company with limited space and budget – with the right choice of server, your IT can become the business enabler you’ve always wanted it to be. Customer and market-inspired innovations help our systems ensure the most efficient and best performing server solutions. Decades of development and production expertise have already contributed to numerous innovative technologies such as non-volatile memory or Fujitsu’s Quantum-Inspired computing technology.


All of our server products are compelling thanks to their proven quality and complexity in business and integrate seamlessly into heterogeneous environments.

To secure this integration capability and the management of all data center infrastructures, we provide a common infrastructure management software. FUJITSU Software Infrastructure Manager (ISM) is a powerful software that creates a single management layer across all servers, storage systems, and networking components. ISM is available as Essential license for standard infrastructure management capabilities or ISM Advanced providing comprehensive infrastructure management across multiple data centers.


Drive Profitable Growth, Improve Efficiency, Keep Data Secure

Modern IT is at the core of today’s business, helping to create new insights in a world where almost everyone and everything is connected with each other and generates data. With our PRIMERGY servers, data center infrastructure products as well as services, we’re helping our customers in the telecoms industry to connect people all over the world. We’re helping customers in the Financial Sector keep data secure whilst tackling the challenges created by changes in regulatory systems and increasing customer demand for new services. We’re providing the technology to retailers which enables them to sell their products across a variety of channels.

These are just a few examples of how PRIMERGY servers can help companies in different industries to optimize their business operations. A large selection of examples from companies in various industries and different use cases can be found in our interactive infographic.