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What does 2020 have in store for AI and data management?

Main visual : What does 2020 have in store for AI and data management?

What does 2020 hold for the application of artificial intelligence in business? How can firms take personal technology to the next level? Digital Journal asked Madhu Therani, CTO and Head of AI at Near, for this business intelligencepredictions for 2020. Near is a data intelligence platform that provides actionable intelligence on people and places for marketing and data enrichment.

Personalized Consumer Experiences 2020 will see personalization of consumer experiences reach a new level. Both online and offline consumer touch points will utilize various first party and third-party enriched and privacy-safe data sets on multiple dimensions including spatial, temporal and behavioral cues to create compelling physical and virtual experiences. Data-as-a-Service goes mainstream We expect various data vendors handling different types of consumers (people), places (location) and other entity data to launch reliable Data-as-a-service offerings. These offerings may drive adoption by various app economy publishers and retailers to enrich their first party data sets to drive better consumer acquisition and retention, better product and content offerings, and better measurement for various customer-centric projects. Continuous Intelligence Consumer facing businesses will continue to generate copious amounts of data continuously as all consumer touchpoints are instrumented for data collection. Incorporating the data in real time to drive better decisions across the consumer's journey and improve overall business processes will be a key objective as enterprises adopt continuous intelligence practices as predicted by Gartner. Edge Computing Expect advances in edge computing in the coming years. In a bid to be privacy compliant, B2C companies are exploring how consumer data can be stored and processed on the mobile device itself. This will not only expedite data analysis and content delivery but also keep consumer information private.

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