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Tricky challenges to solve? Book yourself an Expert at Fujitsu Forum!

Main visual : Tricky challenges to solve? Book yourself an Expert at Fujitsu Forum!

Walking through Fujitsu Forum is impressive.

Whether you wish to delve into one specific topic or just find some inspiration to rethink your current IT infrastructure or strategy, the Fujitsu Forum offers an open environment for digging deeper, whatever your focus may be.

Starting with Leadership Keynotes and Breakout Sessions, continuing with to the Demonstration Center and ending with the Evening Events – the Forum is far more than just a business fair.

The Demonstration Area will showcase how all major industries, from manufacturing and retail through to public services, continue to be transformed by the latest digital technologies. You will see how these technologies are opening up significant new opportunities for improving operational efficiency and enhancing flexibility.

We will also demonstrate our latest digital workplace, cybersecurity, and multi-cloud innovations, helping you plot the next steps on your transformation journey. You can see the latest servers, storage and end-user systems, from workstations to the latest tablet devices, and solutions for managing even the most complex hybrid infrastructures.

But what about your specific challenges and unique requirements? If you feel like you’re swimming in information in the Forum exhibition area, but are really looking for a deep-dive into your specific business topic, we have the answer.

Our Demo Lounge and Expert Talks - the perfect environment for a deep-dive on your business challenges

The Fujitsu Digital Experience Center offers two Demo Lounges with technically based live demonstrations for selected solutions with a hands-on approach.

The DATA CENTER Demo Lounge offers a demonstration of the Enterprise Service Catalog Manager – showing how the self-service portal for enterprises and services can automate service delivery.

The PRIMEFLEX for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI demonstrates how to simplify procurement and deployment of a Microsoft-based hyper-converged IT infrastructure, showing you how you can manage your entire Data Center with Fujitsu’s Software Infrastructure Manager.

The ETERNUS Demo Lounge demonstrates how to achieve perfect business continuity with the ETERNUS Storage Cluster.

Alongside the Demo Lounges, our Expert Talks give you the chance to discuss your specific challenges and opportunities with concrete examples, helping you to identify new opportunities and next steps.

  • If you have a specific question about managing your Azure and AWS Costs with Cloud Service PICCO – book yourself an expert!
  • If you want to find out how recent AI & Deep Learning Technology innovations can help you identify new business areas, book yourself an expert!
  • If you want to brainstorm on migrating an application to the Cloud and beyond – book yourself an expert!

I guess you get the idea! For the full list of topics our experts will be covering, see our website.

Planning your visit to Fujitsu Forum 2019 is essential to getting the most from your time at the event. We highly recommend you contact your local Sales Representative or Account Manager and book yourself a session to discuss your individual challenges with our experts!

Our expert talks are always very popular and are typically fully booked before the event itself, so don't delay.

Find out which Expert Talks are essential for you - browse the full list here.

Want to attend one of the Demo Lounge Sessions? Then just come along – first come, first served.

And of course, please make sure you are REGISTERED for the Fujitsu Forum itself.

Just as a teaser on the Expert Talk topics that could be decisive in shaping your future:

  • Enterprise & Cyber Security
  • Hyperconnected Business & IOT
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Co-creation for Success
  • Data Center Systems
  • Digital Workplace
  • Hybrid IT & Cloud Services

.. and many many more. We look forward to seeing you at our Expert Talks at Fujitsu Forum in Munich!