A RAID is not a backup, but is crucial for data security and access speed

Main visual : A RAID is not a backup, but is crucial for data security and access speed

Most of the demanding strategies in a company take a lot of time to prepare. Behind the process are many people who work hard to achieve good results. Teamwork and communication between the members of a team is of crucial importance.... If they worked as individualists and did not help each other, the results could be very disappointing. For this reason, cooperation is very important. As in a team, this also applies to our PRIMERGY servers.

All server components should work together as a team to achieve the best results and work efficiently. If a particular component fails, there should be another one available to help out and get the job done smoothly. Data is stored on the storage drives. Therefore, they are one of the most important components of a server and must be supported accordingly. Our Fujitsu RAID controller portfolio can provide this support.

What is RAID?

RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. This means that instead of a single hard disk, several disks operate in a kind of network. Depending on the design of the system, this can increase data security because identical files may be distributed to different hard disks. In addition to the aspect of better protection against data loss, this also brings speed advantages when accessing data, which is why RAID is primarily interesting for fast networks.

What is the best RAID?

RAID is available in several different configurations, starting with two hard disks at RAID 0. By storing the data on the different disks in parallel, they can be accessed much faster because parallel working becomes possible. If it's less about speed and more about data security, RAID 1 could be an interesting option. Here all data is stored twice on the different drives. The same applies to other RAID versions, where additional hard disks in different configurations are used for security. Here the available storage space can be used more intelligently. However, the best RAID very much depends on the requirements of the application landscape and individual server and potential VM configurations. Some tips can be taken from this whitepaper: http://docs.ts.fujitsu.com/dl.aspx?id=c55404e9-69c6-4d1e-a556-6a322b27da5b. For a detailed description of the different RAID levels, you can also check this whitepaper from page 16 on: docs.ts.fujitsu.com/dl.aspx?id=4e667298-6879-4af1-b361-cc968d6d9b9e

Do I need a RAID controller?

Yes and no. Many servers come with basic RAID functionalities, but for that little bit more, they lack advanced options. This is where the Fujitsu RAID controller portfolio comes in. It can help you manage your growing data needs. Whether you need large capacity or fast data access or reliable data integrity, we have a solution to empower any workload.

Be safe. With the right foundation. Rely on PRIMERGY.

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