What is the right storage choice for my IT infrastructure?

Main visual : What is the right storage choice for my IT infrastructure?

I’d like to invite you to a thought experiment. Think back to one of the most beautiful moments in your life.

  Got it? Can you feel the warmth of the feeling it creates?

 Of course you do.


What does this tell us? Actually, it shows that the interconnection of memories, or, simply put, data, is tremendous and nearly infinite within the human brain. It’s just amazing how moments and facts can become a feeling that is indispensable for making us who and what we are.

When it comes to IT equipment, especially in times of ever-growing amounts of data and artificial intelligence, neuronal networks, etc., human-like “thinking” is reproduced. The easiest way to get a glimpse of an idea are images. Of course, you have that beautiful moment we spoke about before in the front of your inner eye. This moment has probably also been captured on a photo. Where is this stored? Right, on some kind of a storage device on your mobile, computer or laptop.

Storage drives occupy an important place in your daily life; without them you wouldn't be able to do your work efficiently, watch your favorite show on the couch when you get home at night, or have a look at the pictures from your last summer holiday. This applies not only to your mobile device or PC, but also to the IT infrastructure in a data center.

Data and information are crucial for everyone. For a company, however, this value multiplies exponentially. This is because a company saves all the information, new strategies or financial information on storage drives. Therefore, you need servers that can store large amounts of data, deliver the best performance, and comply with all types of security regulations. In order to make this possible, Fujitsu offers a broad portfolio of workload-optimized solutions that include hard disk drives (HDDs), solid-state drives (SSDs) and RAID controllers featuring technologies which deliver high performance, reliability and security functions.

Hard disks use magnetic recording to store information on rotating circular platters. They have evolved with time to be able to save more and more of “our memories”. They deliver proven performance and reliable data integrity at the lowest cost per GB.  Solid-state drives remove performance bottlenecks, enabling faster access to data with low latency. SSD's are available in different versions such as SAS/SATA SSDs, M2. SSDs or PCIe SSDs SFF/AIC. More information about the right choice of storage drives can be found in this whitepaper “HDD or SSD or NVMe drives for servers - what is more suitable?”

The available RAID controllers [link to other blog] help, together with the disks, to maximize performance, storage capacity and security. One of the security-relevant features of the RAID controllers are SafeStore. SafeStore secures a drive’s data from unauthorized access or modification resulting from theft, loss or repurposing of drives. That means if a drive is removed from the server, it is housed in, the data on that drive is encrypted and useless to anyone who attempts to access it without the appropriate security authorization.

Fujitsu offers a broad portfolio of tested and qualified components such as the storage drives and RAID controllers that support a wide range of IT environments. All these components are available for the Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers and our Storage solutions.

In any case, isn’t it nice to reminisce about your memories? Take your trip down memory lane and feel the warmth!

Be safe. With the right foundation. Rely on PRIMERGY.

For more information on Fujitsu’s server portfolio and available options, please go to: www.fujitsu.com/primergy