Fujitsu Recognized by IDC MarketScape as a ‘Major Player’ in Worldwide AI Services Market

Main visual : Fujitsu Recognized by IDC MarketScape as a ‘Major Player’ in Worldwide AI Services Market

A new IDC MarketScape report names Fujitsu as a ‘Major Player’ for worldwide Artificial Intelligence (AI) Services.* Intended to help businesses find a partner able to develop AI solutions that help them meet business objectives, the report outlines strategies for effectively managing challenges such as data curation, migration, governance, and security.

We believe our inclusion is strong evidence that we have built and evolved our worldwide AI services business to offer the right combination of support and services, enabling customers to effectively transform their businesses by leveraging AI.

Fujitsu has enjoyed significant success in providing customers with implementations that unlock significant value from their collected data.

For example, we recently undertook work in collaboration with the City of Montreal to enhance decision-making, aiming to ultimately improve the quality of life of its citizens. Among the target measures are improving the response time of its firefighters and optimizing traffic light timing to reduce rush hour congestion.

The report is published at a time when the AI market is maturing, but Fujitsu sees many businesses are still holding back from full-scale deployments due to concerns around bias in AI, especially in deep learning technology.

Trust is key

Fujitsu has more than 30 years’ experience in AI development, which has earned us more than two hundred patents for AI-related innovations.

What is more, our customers have direct access to much of this know-how, via our Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence in Paris, France, as well as through the recently established Fujitsu Intelligence Technology – our ‘AI HQ’ – in Vancouver, Canada. This now serves as Fujitsu’s global hub, developing and bringing to market innovative AI and quantum-inspired technologies and solutions available as global offerings for multiple regions.

At Fujitsu, our aim has always been to develop a trusted AI framework that can be used with confidence by our customers – and that can be applied to complex business and social issues.

We continue to develop the technology according to the philosophy of ‘Human Centric AI’ – creating AI solutions designed to support people, encourage collaboration, and create value for businesses.

We do this by delivering AI within the context of our connected services strategy which enables our customers to create value securely by connecting everything, collecting and analyzing the data, creating value, and optimally controlling the process.

The valuable work undertaken at our AI-HQ and Center of Excellence is backed by an extensive ecosystem of partners, including Microsoft and SAP.

Fujitsu’s AI project teams are supported by the world-class innovation capabilities of Fujitsu Laboratories – which develops collaborative research with several of the world’s leading universities and research institutions, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, University of Southern California, the University of Toronto and the RIKEN research institute.

Focus on customer needs

But an AI deployment is only as good as its ability to integrate seamlessly with other systems – which is where our established history as a trusted systems integrator and global services provider comes to the fore.

We are committed to working closely with customers to pinpoint their most pressing business challenges. We do this through our unique co-creation program, which brings together experts from different fields to define and design a digital transformation that is unique to each customer. We use our Fujitsu Human Centric Experience Design (HXD) methodology to help drive the ideation process.

With that in mind, we are committed to improving operational efficiency – which has been identified as a top priority in supporting customers’ business transformation – through the breadth of our AI technology capabilities.

These range from the chatbots we have created to help customers engage with end-users, to the image recognition we have deployed to automate quality inspection processes. Not only that, but we have also successfully deployed AI to streamline clinicians’ time by providing basic support in patient diagnosis, leveraging AI.

This is only the start. We continue to provide our worldwide AI service offering, to add value to customer businesses and society as a whole in 2019 and beyond.

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*Source: IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Artificial Intelligence Services 2019 Vendor Assessment, doc #US44514819, April 2019