Twenty Years of Data Protection with Fujitsu ETERNUS CS8000

Main visual : Twenty Years of Data Protection with Fujitsu ETERNUS CS8000

Cast your mind back twenty years. The chances are that if you even had a mobile phone, it was a Nokia 6120.

If you were a gamer, Color Nintendo Game Boys were the latest thing.

If you even had a home internet connection, you’d probably have recently upgraded to a 56k modem or maybe even ISDN.

Burning CDs was still a novelty, as were the first MP3 music players, and USB flash drives were still in the labs – ready to launch in the year 2000.

We’ve come such a long way since those days that late 1990s technology seems so dated. The dizzying pace of development in the IT industry means one year’s next big thing can be almost obsolete very shortly afterwards.

Only very few technologies manage to stay relevant over time. They do this by constantly adapting to keep pace with enterprises’ constantly changing requirements. We are proud to say that the Fujitsu ETERNUS CS8000 is one of the select few and will celebrate its 20th birthday this year.

This data protection powerhouse is deployed in some of the largest data centers around the world, and trusted to handle data-intensive tasks for customers in sectors including financial services, insurance companies, telecommunications, public administration agencies and IT service providers.

ETERNUS CS8000 remains the most versatile and flexible backup and archive storage platform of its kind, uniquely able to scale capacity and performance to meet changing customer requirements. It also delivers impressive cost savings – typically, it can reduce the total cost of ownership for complex backup environments by about 40 percent.

"We have seen a dramatic reduction in costs by automating tape processes for mainframe and open system environments, which has made the backup environment over 60% less expensive to maintain with better SLAs."

- Carlos Costa Santos, IT Director, Portuguese Tax Authority/ Autoridade Tributária e Aduaneira

The platform was launched in 1998, as CentricStor (as reflected by the letters CS in the name today), and was designed to handle the efficient backup to disk and to tape of essential data – from both mainframes (see: and open systems – and has been constantly improved since then.

Nowadays it is not only a backup to disk to tape solution, but a complete consolidation platform for all backup and archive (see: Read the KPMG review on ETERNUS CS8000 for compliance with legal regulations) storage environments. ETERNUS CS8000 provides the highest availability levels for the datacenter with nearly zero-downtime.

Much of the ongoing development has been undertaken in collaboration with a well-established user group – which means every enhancement is made based on an intimate understanding of customer challenges and the demands that are placed on systems every day. This has led to the ETERNUS CS8000 being able to deliver extremely high performance, not just for backup but also for recovery.

20 years on, it can scale up to 150 TB/h, some five times faster than its nearest competitor. As data capacities continue to grow and grow, this speed advantage makes an increasing difference – especially if we speak about capacities in the Petabyte, or even Exabyte range.

That is one reason why our customers love this capability, since they know their backups are only effective if they can also deliver fast, effective data recovery. It’s easy to make a backup, but a lot harder to restore data effectively and quickly.

Nor is the pace of development slowing now. To mark ETERNUS CS8000’s 20th birthday, we are planning to introduce new innovative features– for example, further integration with independent software vendors. Not only will this increase the value delivered by existing customer installations, but it will also bring new functions such as client-based deduping, integration with Oracle RMAN and OST functions to name but a few.

Improvements to the storage matrix will also further enhance the value of the ETERNUS CS8000 – customers can expect to see further consolidation and improved ease of management thanks to the introduction of a single user interface to manage multiple devices – enabling the automation of cascading configurations.

We are also working on enhancing deep integration with cloud storage and to provide Object interfaces for additional backup software replication options.

These are enhancements that will help ensure the ETERNUS CS8000 remains as an evergreen data center technology in the years ahead. By staying closely aligned with changing customer requirements, ETERNUS CS8000 will continue to stay fresh and relevant, delivering the ultimate automated, intelligent data center backup and archiving solution.

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