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Society 5.0: Visions and ways to an intelligent connected, digitized society

Main visual : Society 5.0: Visions and ways to an intelligent connected, digitized society

While there are discussions in Germany about bottlenecks in Germany and possible solutions, such as the use of robots, Japan is already one step ahead. Japanese society is aging even more than European societies. The Land of the Rising Sun meets the demands of demographic change with technical support and digitization. In nursing homes and homes for the elderly, robots are already part of everyday life, not just in terms of walking and stand-up assistants, but also robots as ‘conversation partners’. Robot technology is now already able to recognize the emotions of people through their facial expressions and voices and to react in real time.

This is just one example of how Japan is using technology to develop into a highly connected society – or Society 5.0.

What marks digitization in Japan? What is the attitude of Japanese people towards the technological process? What cultural characteristics are there? Which challenges are comparable in Japan, Germany or Europe as whole? And which aspects of Society 5.0 would be suitable as a model for Europe?

In his keynote speech on Society 5.0 at the Annual Conference on Digital Administration in Berlin, Shinya Tahata, First Secretary of the Japanese Embassy in Berlin, will highlight the Japanese concept and explain its background and motives. Rebecca Ihrfors, Chief Information Officer, Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV), will present her experiences with regard to digitization and illuminate the Swedish perspective on the topic. Together they will then discuss the pros and cons of their approaches, identify opportunities to benefit from the respective ideas and suggest how we can achieve synergies.

The Annual Conference on Digital Administration is taking place on March 11 and 12, 2019 in Bolle-Festsäle in Berlin. Speakers and conference participants will take a visionary look at the future of digitized administration. The goal is to shape a modern administration which is citizen-friendly, efficient and promotes economic growth. At the event, you can discuss the contributions that Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Big Data Analytics or Quantum Computing offer together with national and international experts from the areas of administration, science, politics, and business.

You can find further information in English here and German here.