Introducing the ESPRIMO G558 – Our Compact, Your Way

Main visual : Introducing the ESPRIMO G558 – Our Compact, Your Way

Desktop PCs are shrinking, evolving from bulky boxes that stick out like a sore thumb to slim devices that users prefer. For those of us who want a serious PC with a full-size display, keyboard and mouse, but don’t want to make space for a big box, the mini PC form factor is ideal.

Now Fujitsu has launched the ESPRIMO G558, its smallest-ever PC, a powerful, ultra-compact machine for the changing workplace. With a capacity of just 0.86 liters, the ESPRIMO G558 is 96 percent smaller than your traditional micro tower desktop PC and it comes with the latest 8th generation Intel® Core processors.

Because it’s so small – and because it’s been designed for really low noise and heat – you can mount the ESPRIMO G558 anywhere, like on a wall, under your desk or behind your display.

Power where you want it

The different mounting options make the ESPRIMO G558 incredibly versatile. It uses a single USB-C connector for combined display and power, so hooking it up is easy.

Another neat feature is that if you’re using a FUJITSU Display P24-9 TE, the single USB-C cable can also synchronize on/off power between the display and the PC. It’s a great way to create an “all-in-one” PC experience without restricting yourself to that configuration.

The ESPRIMO G558 is designed for flexibility and collaboration, including built-in support for dual-display operation.

Want to gather your colleagues to work on a document together? Tuck the ESPRIMO G558 under the desk for plenty of elbow room.

Running a stand-up meeting with your project team? The ESPRIMO G558 doesn’t always need a desk – it’s happy to eat up your tasks while mounted on a nearby wall.

Whatever you’re doing, the ESPRIMO G558 will fit in and step up to the challenge, quietly, efficiently and with no fuss.

Change your expectations

The ESPRIMO G558 is perfect for everyday business needs, from standard office applications to line-of-business systems. In places where every square foot of space affects the bottom line, such as financial services and the public sector, the small footprint is a real asset.

You can free up desks for work and collaboration, promoting a tidy and clutter-free environment that’s all about getting things done – workplaces for people, not machines.

Beyond the office, the ability of the ESPRIMO G558 to melt into the background makes it a great choice for digital signage, public displays, kiosks, reception areas and production sites.

The need to save space and energy make the ESPRIMO G558 a great choice for enterprises of all kinds. Today, being enterprise-ready also means having top-notch security.

The ESPRIMO G558 has robust security features, with embedded Trusted Platform Module (TPM) cryptography, a Kensington slot for securing the device, bracket and screen, plus the optional EraseDisk data protection solution to permanently remove data once a device reaches the end of its life.

The ESPRIMO G558 packs an impressive array of technologies into its small case, including legacy support for standard mini PC interfaces (HDMI+DP, 4+2 USB, LAN, audio), DDR4 2666 MHz memory, M.2 support and SSD PCI Express® NVMe.

Some of the PCs you’ll find in the market seem designed to frustrate servicing and upgrades, but our designers took the opposite approach. The Fujitsu ESPRIMO G558 is easy-to-service and lets you customize or upgrade hard drives and memory.

Making a difference everywhere

The workplace is changing, becoming more responsive to the new kinds of work people are doing and morphing to serve evolving requirements. The ESPRIMO G558 is the ideal PC for this intrinsically adaptable environment.

You don’t want your options limited by clunky hardware that eats up desk space and demands armfuls of different cables. Equally, you don’t want to think about adding enterprise-grade security features as extras – top-class security is basic, as is the power to run desktop and web-based office applications without compromise.

The ESPRIMO G558 sets new expectations for the enterprise PC: proof that great things can come in small packages. The size may be modest, but the effect on people’s working experience is going to be massive.

For more information, please visit our ESPRIMO product page or contact your local Fujitsu reseller.