How collaborative are your meetings?

Main visual : How collaborative are your meetings?

We all go to meetings. Lots of them. They’re a big part of our working lives. But do you enjoy them? Are they productive? Let’s be honest, some (most?) meetings aren’t. And the cause is often the technology you have to battle with in the meeting room.

A few years ago, the Harvard Business Review showed that most organizations waste a lot of time (and money) on unnecessary meetings. It estimated that the average large corporate wastes around 300,000 hours a year on… unnecessary meetings: meetings in which people don’t get much done.

Add up the hourly pay of all those executives and managers and you get a pretty big bill. It can mean the difference between a good year and a bad one.

But meetings are about collaboration, right? They’re supposed to be. But another Harvard Business Review report showed that most participants don’t think they achieve that goal: 62% of executives in a poll said that most meetings miss the opportunity to bring people closer together to make meaningful or innovative decisions.

Another survey showed that 25% of meetings are delayed by technical and/or user issues linked to the technology which is supposed to bring people together across multiple locations so they can collaborate in meetings.

You don’t really need all this evidence to understand the problem. We’ve all experienced it. You set up a meeting with good intentions: get people together to discuss a creative project, software design, a big change that will make everyone more productive or develop a product that will excite customers.

You spend time setting a time everyone can make, send out the invites, get your presentations polished, and practice your pitch. Then you get into the room (if you can book it!) and find that the cables are tangled, the screen isn’t compatible with someone’s device, the phone line is bad, two of the participants can’t share their screens, two more can’t see anything…

It’s very frustrating. Even if you can get to a point where the meeting is viable in around 10 minutes or so, you’ve wasted almost 15% of your time (there’s another meeting scheduled in the room on the hour!), and everyone is already exhausted and depressed. No wonder you don’t have any good ideas.

Collaboration is the key to success in a rapidly moving digital world. That’s a cliché we can all agree on. Every meeting could be crucial. It’s a chance to unlock the power of the talents of teams through collaboration. So, why put that at risk because the tech doesn’t work or isn’t good enough? It doesn’t make business sense. Most importantly, it doesn’t make human sense. It just makes you reluctant to schedule meetings. That’s bad for collaboration.

At Fujitsu, we wanted to deal with this issue head-on. We believed that it is a key part of digital transformation. You can talk about the big, headline technologies – from Artificial Intelligence to cloud to anything else you can think of – but if your PEOPLE can’t collaborate then they can’t deliver success in isolation.

So, we went to the heart of the problem: how can we make collaborating easy and seamless as well as high quality and robust?

Take out the complexity. Fewer wires and connections, better compatibility between systems, and a big, vivid display which everyone can see whether they’re in the room or not. It’s effortlessly interactive and enables you to get your ideas across to everyone that’s connected to it.

The result is FUJITSU ESPRIMO MRE (Meeting Room Edition) solution. Powered by ESPRIMO Q mini PC and Intel® Unite™, it allows the user to wirelessly connect to the meetings and share content as well as ideas in real time.

ESPRIMO MRE unifies the tech and just makes it work in conference and meeting rooms. The key is the Intel® Unite™ application that runs on participants’ devices and achieves exactly what the name suggests; it unites the technology, so people can work together as one, collaborative unit. Focused on the substance of the meeting, not the technology that supports it.

Our aim was to transform meeting rooms into collaborative hubs at the heart of the Future Workplace, and I believe we’ve achieved that. Now a meeting room isn’t a source of frustration, it’s a truly collaborative hotspot which can bring people together from around the world to focus on important issues and innovation.

Here is a short video on how you can make the most out of your meetings and collaboration spaces with FUJITSU ESPRIMO MRE solution.

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