Fujitsu and IJI go Agile with Essence

Main visual : Fujitsu and IJI go Agile with Essence

The rate of technology change today is rapid. Most businesses need help to keep pace and to adopt the technologies that will add value and transform their businesses.

At Fujitsu, we do everything we can to help our customers take advantage of emerging technologies such as Cloud, IoT, digital customer experience, analytics, AI and security.

This support extends far beyond the technologies – we also work hard to ensure that we can plan and implement effectively and enable customers to bring new services to market faster. To do this we have been increasingly adopting Agile approaches and methodologies across the board.

Agile – not just for IT development

It is a misconception that Agile is only applicable to IT development projects.

In fact, it is a way of working that can transform an organization. This is why we have committed to train our 100 top leaders and managers across the EMEIA region in how to implement these techniques.

To ensure that the initial Agile workshop was as effective as possible, we invited Ivar Jacobson International (IJI), experts in enterprise-scale agile software development, to help co-create and facilitate this session.

The workshop was designed to build an understanding of Agile for a wide group of senior management at Fujitsu who either sell, deliver or support teams which need to move at the accelerated pace of the IT industry. Key requirements included the need to energize and engage the room by driving key learning points with interactive team games and exercises, and to harness this energy to inspire change.

The workshop was structured around the Agile values that are applicable to all aspects of a business: Customer Collaboration, Individuals and Interactions, Working Solutions, and Responding to Change. It provided practical tools for immediate application, including the use of the Essence standard.

IJI and Fujitsu worked closely in a highly agile, collaborative and adaptive way to design, refine and test the workshop approach.

The IJI team lives its own agile ideals, engages collaboratively at every step of the way, and regularly sought and responded to our feedback. We knew ours was an atypical and challenging audience for a workshop like this, but the outcome was a triumph, and was extremely effective in achieving our ambitious goals.

By working together, through feedback, testing and refinement, we were able to co-create an event we were all proud of.

Huge energy levels in the room helped ensure that the workshop was a runaway success, despite many participants arriving directly from the airport. We harnessed the energy to agree change strategies and carry forward key change commitments to enable increased business agility across the Fujitsu EMEIA region.