It takes a manufacturer to reinvent manufacturing

Main visual : It takes a manufacturer to reinvent manufacturing

A new Whitepaper from Fujitsu, Manufacturing, Industry 4.0 and the hyperconnected business of the future, asks a simple question: why is Fujitsu playing such a key role in the rapid development of Industry 4.0? Its answer seems equally simple: Fujitsu is a manufacturer in its own right, and has long been applying new technologies, from computers to robotics, to making its production lines and supply-chains more efficient and productive. It makes sense, therefore, that Fujitsu is always looking for new ways to move forward.

But, I think the answer goes deeper than that. Fujitsu’s role in promoting – and developing – the concepts around Industry 4.0 is driven by our understanding of the vital role that manufacturing plays in the modern world. Manufacturing is at the heart of the digital age. So, digital technologies have to be at the heart of manufacturing.

The sector must be – as the whitepaper points out – a hyperconnected business

That means making full and innovative use of the Industrial Internet of  Things. And the range of sensors and devices that are becoming available (at increasingly lower cost per unit) means that manufacturers can focus on customer outcomes rather than just mass-producing products. That makes the entire sector a richer, more flexible one.

The whitepaper is well worth a read. It shows that the experience and insights Fujitsu is accumulating in facilities such as its smart factory and labs in Augsburg, Germany, are the foundation of its world-renowned expertise in the sector. It also means that Fujitsu can partner with manufacturers of all sizes, especially small suppliers which need to automate as much as possible to compete and maintain strong relationships with larger OEM’s.

Manufacturing is being reinvented, and the best inventors are those who have ‘skin in the game.’

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