Is your IT infrastructure agile enough to cater to the demands of digitalization?

Main visual : Is your IT infrastructure agile enough to cater to the demands of digitalization?

If you have ever played the game of ‘Jenga’, you would be able to associate with the plight of IT Administrators and Managers today. It’s a game where beautiful wooden blocks are stacked in sets-of-three vertically to form a tower on a plain ground. At the first look, the blocks are well placed and stable. The game begins after that. Each player has to carefully pull out a block without disturbing the formation and each block removed is then placed on top of the tower, creating a progressively taller and more unstable structure. The player who pulls out a block leading to the collapse of the formation loses.

Interesting isn’t it!?!

This is precisely seen in a data center environment. Digitalization has led to changing customer behaviors and expectations – which urges IT departments to deliver new features faster than ever to meet demanding requirements, while ensuring 24/7 IT availability to stay competitive and relevant in the market. So, IT administrators stack their servers based on compute requirement over their existing infrastructure environment leading to a complex environment.

This has resulted in an expansion in the range and level of work that is required to be undertaken. These tasks are very cumbersome with most companies running a heterogeneous environment with different software supported by different hardware specifications – leading to complex maintenance tasks, updates, and more, which consume most of an IT administrators productive time. Hence, they are extremely pressurized to ensure that the system is agile and could adopt changes on the go whilst ensuring that business runs without interruptions.

Fujitsu has a conglomerate of server management software components under the FUJITSU Software ServerView® Suite (SVS), which enables IT admins to help simplify and ensure agility of server lifecycle management in a heterogeneous environment. SVS helps ‘jenga blocks’ (servers) to be stable as they grow without disrupting the formation (business).

You may have already come across this video already, showing you what agility can look like and how it should look like. Now, let’s take a look at how Fujitsu makes this happen with its PRIMERGY and SVS offering.

If you look at Fujitsu’s PRIMERGY and PRIMEQUEST servers, they are powered on iRMC S5 – an embedded server management software that simplifies IT administration. The iRMC S5 comes with a new and improved, intuitive user interface that helps administrators manage servers from anywhere at any time, securely using a hand-held device. One of the key aspects of digitalization is data, which leads to the addition more and more computing capacity – so to simplify the life of IT administrators, iRMC S5 automates server deployment, enabling companies to easily upgrade or add new servers. It also automates your routine and repetitive maintenance activities using ServerView embedded Life Cycle Management (eLCM), which has automated workflows for performing various tasks like BIOS, firmware, driver updates, and more. In all, making life simpler when it comes to compute management. Take a look at the iRMC S5 video to obtain quick highlights of the solution.

However, the IT administrator’s challenges are not confined to this area; we are also faced with a heterogeneous environment, which involves managing various cloud and enterprise software. Hence with ServerView Suite, Fujitsu provides deep integration in to a wide range of software, which includes 3rd party data center management, monitoring, automation software, log analytics, cloud and various software defined tools.

*Ansible plug-in is planned before end of 2018

Towards the goal of providing further agility -we also conform to Redfish, a unified API that enables organizations to manage the heterogeneous environment more centrally and effectively. ServerView Suite is not just limited to these capabilities and components; however, I have tried to cover the key features, which help organizations stay agile – the key requirement in this digital world. ServerView Suite delivers optimized deployment, permanent status monitoring and extensive control or analysis, resulting in less downtimes, improved maintenance and service quality. You may learn more about server life cycle management solutions offered by FUJITSU Software ServerView Suite from SVS datasheet.

SVS helps ensure you come out as a winner in this digitalization led game of Jenga.