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Focusing on Social Innovation at 2018 Fujitsu Innovation Gathering in Stockholm

Main visual : Focusing on Social Innovation at 2018 Fujitsu Innovation Gathering in Stockholm

Every year, the Fujitsu Innovation Gathering moves to a new European city, and in 2018 it is the turn of Stockholm where we are planning a unique Nordic event on 29 May.

This is our sixth annual showcase, taking place alongside the Swedish stop of the Fujitsu World Tour, one of the world’s largest annual road shows with over 20 stops across 6 continents. The one day event’s agenda is underpinned by the central theme of ‘social innovation’.

High profile keynotes include speakers such as Shigeru Sasaki, CEO of Fujitsu Laboratories and CTO of Fujitsu, talking about how Fujitsu Laboratories’ R&D strategy predicts future global trends to solve social challenges with cutting-edge technologies.

Duncan Tait, CEO, SEVP and Head of Americas and EMEIA at Fujitsu will focus on Digital Co-Creation for Success. We are also delighted to be joined by Niklas Johansson, Swedish Secretary of State, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, and Dr Ayesha Khanna, an expert in future trends, smart cities, artificial intelligence and financial services technology (fintech).

In the exhibition, we will be unveiling an exciting and diverse cross-section of Fujitsu’s latest groundbreaking research and development initiatives to solve social challenges, many on show for the first time in Europe.

Among the exciting line-up is:

  • A novel cyber factory model that uses state of the art IoT and AI technologies to maximize productivity and quality output across a complete manufacturing site.
  • We are also showing a new anomaly detection technology designed to enable smart structure health checks, such as bridge infrastructures.
  • Security is a major theme, with a range of advanced secure blockchain-related solutions including a platform for social welfare distribution.
  • We will also be demonstrating an important new co-creation research project with the University of Toronto to deploy Fujitsu’s quantum-inspired computing Digital Annealer to optimize cancer radiation therapy.

We are also delighted to welcome the Japanese Ambassador for Sweden, Mr Jan Yamazaki, reflecting the celebration of 150 years’ trading between Japan and Sweden in 2018.

The agenda also includes a number of thought-provoking breakout sessions on the latest developments in security and blockchain, and an overview of Fujitsu’s Digital Annealer – a unique approach to computer architectures that uses quantum-inspired digital circuits to solve problems more rapidly– with a specific focus on how it can be deployed to solve challenges in diverse areas from finance, to medicine and intelligent transport.

Our global R&D focus is driven by the principle of improving society, using our cutting edge technologies to achieve major advances. In Europe, our wide-ranging R&D includes, social innovation, security, manufacturing, ethics, and high performance computing applications, with a key focus on how to apply deep learning alongside current and evolving AI technologies in order to create value and exploit data.

The Fujitsu Innovation Gathering provides the ultimate showcase for this work, unveiling our latest cutting edge technologies as well as providing an insight into the strategic thinking and vision that underpins our activities. This is the first event to unite the resources of all Fujitsu teams across the Nordic region, celebrating Fujitsu innovation and demonstrating the power of co-creation and collaboration.

Concluding the day’s activities, we will be presenting a special “Innovation Award” to the best team from five Nordic universities that are competing to solve today’s challenges with the help of digital technologies.

We invite you to join us for a unique day of social innovation – you can view the full agenda and register here.

Watch our preview video below – we look forward to welcoming you in Stockholm.