How can you tell if you’re ready for GDPR?

Main visual : How can you tell if you’re ready for GDPR?

If you’re feeling positive, then you’re good to go.

For me the test about how ready you are, comes down to one thing: your attitude to it. If you’re feeling negative and worrying about huge fines, then you’re in the wrong mindset. You’ll start on the back foot. It’ll be all about defense not offence. The negative press around GDPR is all about scary headlines that get readers’ attention. But the truth is very different. GDPR is a positive thing. It protects our personal data. It enhances our human rights. Being compliant and proving it is a big opportunity for companies that care about their employees, stakeholders and most importantly, their customers.

But it’s also an amazing opportunity to drive your digital transformation. When you invest in complying with GDPR what you’re really investing in is the quality of your data, its collection and analysis as well as its governance. They all go together. All companies are, to some extent, powered by data. In the future they will be totally data driven. So, data is a key resource. That’s why it needs to be protected, but it’s also why it’s so valuable.

Having the ability to leverage the true power of your data is the key to future profitability and, to put it bluntly, survival in a world of digital disruption. Because GDPR is a holistic topic it touches on people, processes, technology. In that order. All fundamentals that need to be transformed and given a digital boost. So, why not do it?

At Fujitsu, we work with customers to assess where they are and where they need to be, so they’re not just compliant, but can become a data driven enterprise. When we talk to customers about the positive opportunities of GDPR they like it. It’s refreshing. At last, someone isn’t using fear to encourage them to act.

So, be positive, be proactive and think digital transformation. When you do, you’ll be more than ready for GDPR!

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