Removing the Dark Cloud Over Service Providers’ Bright Future

Main visual : Removing the Dark Cloud Over Service Providers’ Bright Future

Analysts predict that by 2021, the majority of workloads will be hosted by cloud service providers. This suggests a bright future for them. However, the service provider market is tough: keeping costs in check and profit margins at acceptable levels is no easy task when trying to remain competitive. Also, superior services need to be provided for new and existing customers consistently, creating an outstanding value for the end-customer’s investment.

As a prerequisite, service providers need solid data center infrastructures providing highest performance, which translates into the capability to serve more customers and make more revenue and margin. Likewise, they have to be absolutely reliable, if you want to meet service level agreements. They should be tailored to your needs and efficient to operate. Fast time to production is another essential objective when deploying new infrastructures. The sooner you can provide new services, the sooner you will be able to invoice your customers.

If only there was no investment risk! What could be worse than investing in an infrastructure that ends up being obsolete? Hence, it is understandable that you are looking for financing options that help make you less vulnerable to the impact of market fluctuations, losing customers or any other undesired incidents. And what if there was a chance to shift CAPEX to OPEX in a way that you may invoice your customers first before you have to make any payments?

So, it’s all about identifying an infrastructure vendor who assists you in achieving all of these goals. You need not look further. What you are looking for corresponds exactly to Fujitsu’s value proposition for service providers. Our PRIMEFLEX integrated systems are pre-defined, pre-integrated and pre-tested. No need to go through all the typical activities needed when building infrastructures on your own. This reduces the risk that things will not work as expected; it reduces time to production and the time to invoice your end-customers. Being freed from all pre-deployment and upcoming lifecycle management activities enables you to focus on superior services, which may help you differentiate in the market place and earn (more) money from your end customers instead. Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX systems are built from best-in-class components, either from Fujitsu or leading technology partners. Fujitsu’s proven servers and storage systems have a track record in performance benchmarks, up-time and energy efficiency. And, lest we forget, attractive financing options reduce any limitations you might otherwise have had to grow your business.

Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX systems arrive either ready-to-run at your destination site, or they are delivered as reference architectures, which can be flexibly tailored to your needs. And what if your infrastructure has to be “Hybrid IT-ready”? For this purpose, use Fujitsu’s Enterprise Service Catalog Manager, which is also able to connect your infrastructure to infrastructures on your customer’s premises or 3rd party clouds.

The future looks more than appealing for services providers. It’s just about finding the right partner who will focus on the essentials, de-risking the business and supporting a more profitable growth. If you seize this opportunity, your’ll be securing your own bright future.

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