Every IT administrator’s dream – full data recovery, just a few mouse clicks away

ETERNUS CS200c data protection appliance are here to simplify your data management

There’s not much in life that’s easy – and managing IT systems today is certainly no exception. There’s so much to deal with,  from handling so-called ‘shadow IT’ to managing ever-increasing security challenges. At the same time, in addition to running the systems every day, you need to be prepared for every possible scenario – including what to do when things go wrong. But even if you are well prepared and your backups are meticulously scheduled, your heart still sinks when a failure occurs and you have to recover your virtual machine (VM) data. It’s generally a time-consuming and frustrating process – right?

Wrong! Well, not with the ETERNUS CS200c data protection appliance with integrated Commvault software anyway. This powerful combination makes it exceptionally easy to manage and restore your data – thanks to the intuitive admin GUI (an extremely user-friendly alternative to the standard Java console) which allows you to restore your data with just a few clicks of the mouse.

In fact, the admin console is a web interface that simplifies all your data protection needs. You don’t even have to configure your routine tasks, as they are already in place for you to customize in order to suit your requirements. It takes just a few clicks to select individual VMs or data to establish backup and restore operations, so you can have data backing up to a location of your choice in seconds.

Eternus CS200c VM Recovery Admin GUI

So, when the time comes to restore your data, you simply need to return to the intuitive GUI and select the type of restore you require. This might be a full VM restore, but you can also choose to restore just guest files and folders, or disk files. You also have the option of restoring single disks and attaching them to existing VMs. Then you simply need to select the mode of transport for data transfers. The Commvault software also simplifies many traditionally complex tasks: you can even convert a VM backup to a different VM platform, for example VMware to Hyper-V or vice versa – and manage the whole process via the admin console.

In all of these processes, all the information you need is displayed on the simple, clear dashboard, including restore or backup start times, most recent update, and elapsed time for a backup or restore. You can also track the progress of any active processes at a glance.

There’s not much in life that’s easy – but the powerful combination of Fujitsu ETERNUS CS200c and Commvault software at least makes your data management a child’s play. Check out our screen demo to see how to ‘Recover VM data from Fujitsu ETERNUS CS200c by using Commvault’s simplified admin console

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