Ecosystem: what does this make you think?

Ecosystem: what does this make you think

Perhaps it triggers thinking about Biological / Ecological / Digital / Business / Partner / Supplier / Value / Industry / Technology / Customer ecosystems – or even all of the above?

Biological ecosystems are wonderful examples of nature coping and evolving and working together to survive and thrive.

There are clear parallels with business. As organisations look to survive and thrive in an increasingly complex and dynamic marketplace, they have to work with others in order to do so. They have to build new ecosystems as well as give better access to established ones.

There are emerging views of digital and business ecosystems, with the associated strategies and models that organisations need to help them bring innovation to their customers.

We have learnt from nature that you cannot remain fixed in approach. Without evolution your organisation could disappear altogether. So rather than thinking about an ecosystem being fixed with rigid suppliers, being managed in a more traditional manner …..

… surely your customer has to be part of the ecosystem, too. And a flexible approach will drive the choice and value that will make a difference to growing your relationship with them.

So what do I recommend? It’s simple – work with customers and external partners through an effective ecosystem, blend business and technology expertise and create new value which can be delivered through a co-creation approach.

What is the benefit? Well, this approach can help you master business innovation, be able to rapidly test and evolve your (combined) business operating model to address customer demands and it can ensure you are prepared for future market changes. Therefore, you can make your organization fit and flexible, in order to deliver your future aspirations.

Worth a try?


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