Digitalization meets Fashion

Fujitsu RunMyProcess at PANORAMA BERLIN 2017

What does fashion have to do with digitalization and how is Fujitsu involved in that business?

Fujitsu RunMyProcess is the answer. At Panorama Berlin, July 4 – 6 2017, you can experience how Fujitsu is about to conquer new business areas in the digital world.
Panorama Berlin is one of the most important trade shows of Berlin Fashion Week, providing an unrivaled environment for top international fashion brands to meet and showcase their activities.
As lovers of fashion ourselves, we at Fujitsu RunMyProcess definitely wanted to bring our unique digital problem solving approach to the fashion world at Panorama Berlin!
As passionate digital problem solvers, we work with some of the world’s most interesting brands to connect end to end processes and help them reach their full potential.  To do this we offer a cloud platform that helps you transform the way your business works by delivering end to end digital systems that connect people, software and devices.

Using our unique technology and open approach we work with brands, studios, retailers and manufacturers to co-create the future of fashion – at Panorama Berlin, Fujitsu RunMyProcess will show up at the “Fashion Tech Solutions“ area of the event.  We would love to get together to talk about your unique challenges – we’re friendly, approachable and love to work with other people to quickly solve complex digital problems using our innovative technology.  And as a leading digital platform provider we can show you how to successfully digitize processes and mobilize experiences across any area of your business.

So come and get an overview of the transformational opportunities our technology offers for the rapid, low cost digitization of your business. Want to hear the whole story? Then come listen to our presentation on Wednesday where we will explain the ways in which our unique combination of platform and expertise is helping organizations like yours do amazing things – including the way in which a leading UK digital fashion studio – I Heart Studios – increased their turnover by 600% in a year through process streamlining and automation. Read the full success story now, or watch the video:

If you cannot attend Panorama Berlin, we would be happy to get in contact with you directly.

At Fujitsu RunMyProcess, we love to solve digital problems.

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