Why Digital Co-creation is at the heart of Fujitsu Forum

Why Digital Co-creation is at the heart of Fujitsu Forum

We know that organisations cannot act alone as they navigate the digital transformation of their businesses. Co-creation is a way of working that helps accelerate the transformation that businesses need by connecting experts from technology and business in addressing priority challenges. Fujitsu Forum in Munich on 8th/9th November will showcase extensively the digital co-creation process and we are really looking forward to listening to customer’s stories and challenges and exploring how co-creation can help.

Co-creation is at the heart of how we support our customers through digital transformation, which is why we have built it into the centre of our exhibition in Munich this year. Visitors will find different aspects of co-creation that they can participate in from bringing their vision to life and initial ideation in our pop-up Digital Transformation Centre, through to examples of solutions from around the world and cross industry that have been developed through the co-creation process.

Digital Co-creation at the heart of Fujitsu Forum

The need to experiment, test and refine is integral to the co-creation process and we are excited to be hosting a live hackathon based around an AI manufacturing challenge with competing teams drawn from across our region and including partners from ServiceNow, Run My Process and Swansea University.

Fujitsu Forum Start-up Award

No single organisation ever has all of the answers and our eco-system of partners and vendors is an important part of the co-creation process. We see that in our hackathon and specifically we are giving over part of our agenda to smaller organisations.  We are delighted to be welcoming 5 start-ups from across Europe to participate in our Fujitsu Forum Start-up Award, with the winner selected by the “crowd” via the event app and announced by Dr Joseph Reger at the end of his keynote speech.

Digital Co-creation at the heart of Fujitsu ForumAnother important characteristic of digital co-creation is the harnessing of multiple perspectives. It will be particularly fascinating to hear many different thoughts and views in our Co-creation Arena, where we have 30 short talks and presentation over the 2 days of the event. All of the speakers are covering a range of topics all linked by the common thread of co-creation.

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