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Beating the Application Delivery Challenge through Automation and Modelling

In a previous post my colleague Thomas discussed the different stages on the application journey to cloud. Today, we’ll look at some of the application delivery challenges you may encounter on that journey, particularly in a Hybrid IT environment, and how yo...

Moving your applications to Cloud: the journey or the destination?

With cloud computing now well over a decade old, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud are rapidly becoming the “new normal” as businesses increasingly take an application-centric approach and use a mix of cloud vendors and platform to best meet their application n...

Hybrid Hive is moving


Since September 2015 the Hybrid Hive has been the global home of conversation for IT leaders on Hybr...

Discover more about Fujitsu`s multi-cloud approach.

Shifting gear to cross the digital transformation finish line first

In the race towards digital transformation, Fujitsu has made a clear break to the front of the pack....

Looking beyond compliance: What next for Hybrid Data and GDPR?

Looking beyond compliance: What next for Hybrid Data and GDPR?

GDPR is now officially in effect – and like many organizations, for many months you have probably ...