Biometric security for established infrastructures – increased security and greater ease-of-use

Biometric security for established infrastructures – increased security and greater ease-of-use

Passwords get forgotten, are lost or stolen which causes serious threats for any businesses. Replacing password-based login with highly secure palm vein-based biometric authentication reduces the risk of misuse from stolen or unsecured passwords, including worst-case scenarios like identity fraud and large scale data theft. With PalmSecure ID Login passwords are no longer necessary: your hand is your key!

Organizations looking to secure their IT infrastructure against unauthorized access should consider biometric technologies. Biometrics significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access to critical data and identity theft. Identity and access management based on biometric authentication technologies additionally increases efficiency – through fast login and reduced costs –related to password management, e.g. the costs associated to the reset of forgotten passwords, tokens or smartcards.

Fujitsu combines the benefits of its unique biometric PalmSecure technology which ensures highest accuracy with corporate domain environments using Microsoft Active Directory.

The new Fujitsu PalmSecure ID Login solution allows users to log on to the domain by simply positioning their hand over a contactless PalmSecure palm vein scanner – already built in to a wide range of FUJITSU LIFEBOOK notebooks and available as external palm vein scanners easily connected to computing devices . AES-encrypted hash information, generated from biometric data are linked and stored to the organization’s Active Directory which enables users to login from any device within the domain – following the proper enrollment.

Fujitsu’s PalmSecure technology works by performing infrared scans of the veins in the palm of a hand. The palm vein pattern is converted into a biometric template, encrypted with 128 bit AES encryption. Fujitsu’s PalmSecure technology combines convenience, speed and contributes to a higher level of security, easier central administration and enables single sign-on.

If you like to learn more about Fujitsu PalmSecure ID Login or about Fujitsu PalmSecure in general, see: and

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