Beyond gaming: Virtual Reality (VR) for professionals

Beyond gaming: Virtual Reality (VR) for professionals

Virtual Reality (VR) is changing the face of entertainment. From walking with dinosaurs in Jurassic forests to shooting aliens on far flung planets, it allows people to experience worlds in a completely new way, giving the uncanny feeling of actually being there. But VR isn’t only being used to transport gamers to fantastical places. Professional users are also immersing themselves in environments that don’t exist – but mostly because they have not yet been built. Architects are using the incredible feeling of presence and scale that VR gives to explore bold ideas for new buildings. Automotive designers are assessing digital vehicle concepts for form and function, long before costly physical prototypes are made.

VR is not only a powerful tool for design; it can be used to engage customers in exciting new ways, helping form emotional connections with potential purchases. At Fujitsu, we can’t think of a better way to choose your new home ‘off plan’ than to ‘exist’ inside a virtual apartment. And when it comes to selecting the paint, materials and extras for your dream car, it can all be configured on the fly and experienced in VR, from the driver’s seat to the driveway.

VR is also changing the way firms address training. Surgeons can practice risky operations again and again on virtual bodies. Astronauts can become competent in complex tasks, long before they need to be done in zero gravity. Shop floor workers can be trained and manufacturing production lines optimised before they are built.

Construction workers can be educated in health and safety and assessed on how they react to potentially perilous situations – all from the comfort of an office. VR also offers an added benefit for training in general, in that it uses a different part of the brain than is used for traditional learning, so workers retain information for longer.

Of course, the best way to learn about the many amazing new applications for professional VR is to experience them first-hand. The Autodesk VR Center of Excellence in Munich, Germany offers a fantastic opportunity to do just that and at Fujitsu we are very proud to have provided the powerful workstation hardware for this fantastic learning environment. This includes three FUJITSU CELSIUS M740 ‘VR Ready’ workstations with dual NVIDIA Quadro P Series GPUs for HTC Vive head-mounted displays (HMDs).

We’ve also been working hard to offer our customers a much wider choice of professional VR workstation hardware. Our new FUJITSU CELSIUS W570power+, for example, is the industry’s smallest ‘VR Ready’ desktop workstation, among the tier one vendors, and features a beautifully-engineered 21 litre space-saving microtower design. Professionals can also now take VR wherever they want with our new FUJITSU CELSIUS H970 mobile workstation.

To learn more about the applications, workflows and technologies needed for professional VR, check out our dedicated web page, where you can download a special free 8-page professional VR guide produced by DEVELOP3D and AEC Magazine.

In addition, visit our VR demos live at NVIDIA GTC Europe, October 10 – 12, 2017 as well as at our in-house fair, the Fujitsu Forum 2017, November 8 – 9, 2017. Register with the promo code FUJITSUGTCEU17 and save up to 20% on regular NVIDIA GTC rates. Both events will take place in Munich, Germany at the ICM.

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