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Rowan Cape is Vice President, Retail Software Solutions in Fujitsu’s Global Delivery, Retail Business Group. In this role, she is responsible for providing the strategic product management for Fujitsu’s Retail focused software solutions, particularly around the omni-channel customer experience.

Rowan’s responsibilities extend throughout the Global Delivery geographies to provide retail software product expertise supporting sales campaigns in all Fujitsu regions. As a result, the close interaction with retailers and their business requirements enables Fujitsu to understand the changing, real-world business needs from their retail software solutions.

In addition to working with retail customers, she also interfaces with software partners who are working to align with Fujitsu’s retail strategy and retail analysts looking to research and report on Fujitsu’s retail software strategy and innovation. In this respect, she works closely with the Retail Strategy and Sales and Marketing teams to ensure retail trends and retailer requirements are reflected in the global Retail software offerings.

Rowan has been with Fujitsu for 30 years, both in the UK and in the US, and brings technology experience, general IT SW management and implementation experience in the retail vertical. In addition to her retail experience in the United States, Rowan has experience in manufacturing, and local and central government verticals in the United Kingdom.

Rowan’s experiences span numerous customer engagements for retailers based domestically and internationally. These include: retailer centric IT planning, deployment and management; project management and leadership resulting in the successful preparation for and implementation of major in-store retail software programs delivering enhanced in-store operations; engaging and successful customer centric loyalty programs; near-real time access to valuable customer centric data and extensive, detailed executive reporting. Rowan works to provide retailers with extensive insight into Fujitsu’s retail software and services and the benefits successful implementation can make to a large retail organization.

Rowan graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Biology.

She lives in San Francisco where she enjoys skiing, snowboarding and everything outdoors, including pottering about in her garden.

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